5 Places For Vegan Food In Mumbai

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India honoured Mumbai with the Most Vegan-Friendly City Award in 2021
Veganism isnt just a fad in Mumbai                                         Photo credit Wikimedia Commons
Veganism isnt just a fad in Mumbai Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

When its iconic snack - the beloved, golden vada pav - itself is vegan, that should tell you how vegan-friendly Mumbai is. Here&rsquos more proof People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India honoured Mumbai with the Most Vegan-Friendly City Award in 2021. It&rsquos not just the piping-hot vada pav, it&rsquos also the spicy misal pav, humble ragda pattice, onion-and-potato-packed poha, crispy sev puri, coriander-flavored kothimbir vadi, and countless other traditional dishes that are vegan and easily available on the city&rsquos streets. And not just food, we&rsquore talking about an unending range of cruelty-free products. From cafes built on plant-based menus to vegan cosmetics and clothes, Mumbai is home to it all. It&rsquos safe to say veganism isn&rsquot just a fad here it has become a cultural element.

Bite into the &lsquoIndian Burger&rsquo aka vada pav, as the locals do, or step into a calming vegan cafe&nbspand stick your fork into some plant protein. What we&rsquore trying to say is that being vegan in&nbspMumbai is as easy as spotting a sugarcane juice cart in the city. Let us guide you to a few of the many fantastic vegan plates across Mumbai.


This community-driven cafe is the first national plant-based cafe chain in India. It promotes healthy living in harmony with Earth. The treasures you&rsquoll find here are delicacies with plant protein, smoothies, gluten-free food, and a bookshelf.

Cuisine Mexican, Italian, salads, desserts, coffee

Where 57/116, Drego House, Pali Naka, Dr Ambedkar Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050. 

Rare Earth - The Vegan Cafe

Dine at Mumbai&rsquos first vegan cafe (2019). It has a 100% plant-based menu which can be customised as per your requirements. It is also India&rsquos first all-vegan grocery

Cuisine North Indian, continental, quick bites

Where Sethi Niwas, 4th Road, Opposite Bharat Co-Operative Bank, Khar, Mumbai- 400052

Earth Cafe

This is India&rsquos first guilt-free chain of cafes Serving fresh breakfast, brunch, and dinner all through the week, Earth Cafe even offers sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-
free options. 

Cuisine Coffee, juices, quick bites, continental, desserts

Where Shop No. 1, 16th Road, near Mini Punjab Hotel, Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050

Burma Burma

Experience Burmese culture and food right here in Mumbai The flavours are characterised by the mountainous, tropical, and coastal communities that together built the Burmese cuisine. Remember to pair your food with their assortment of teas.

Cuisine Burmese, salads, desserts, bubble tea

Where Kothari House, Allana Centre Lane, opposite Mumbai University, Kala Ghoda, Fort,&nbspMumbai- 400001

Earthling&rsquos Cafe

In 2019, this cosy cafe won India&rsquos Best Vegan Restaurant Award by PETA. And&nbsprightly so. It is 100% vegan, and guess what, it&rsquos pet-friendly Could this place get any&nbspmore vegan

Cuisine Continental, salads, sandwiches, beverages

Where&nbspShop No. 12 Sterlings CHS, Sundervan Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

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