5 Authentic Dishes To Try In So Paulo

Travelling to Brazil You might want to try these amazing dishes
Feijoada is a hearty stew made of black beans, sausages and cuts of pork. Credit Shutterstock
Feijoada is a hearty stew made of black beans, sausages and cuts of pork. Credit Shutterstock

From deep-fried savoury snacks to sweet truffle-like desserts, the city of S&atildeo Paulo offers many gastronomic delights to taste.


A crispy croquette dish, the Coxinha comes with a meat and cream cheese filling. It is breaded and deep-fried, typically flavoured with onion, garlic, cilantro, and lime. A trio of tantalising sauces traditionally accompanies it. The fiery kick of hot chilli sauce adds excitement to the palate, while the refreshing vinaigrette and creamy garlic mayonnaise offer a good balance of flavours. With each bite, these Brazilian chicken-filled croquettes will transport you to the vibrant streets of Brazil. 

Where to eat Frangó, Largo da Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Ó, 168 - Freguesia do Ó, S&atildeo Paulo


The Moqueca is a hearty stew comprising seafood cooked with onions, tomatoes and coriander. The dish is usually teamed with rice, while farofa, a toasted manioc flour, add a delightful crunch and becomes the perfect vessel to soak up the rich and flavourful juices. For a spicy twist, indulge in pir&atildeo, a velvety fish porridge crafted with manioc flour, adding a depth of flavour that elevates the entire dish.

Where to eat Coco Bambu JK, Av. Ant&ocircnio Joaquim de Moura Andrade, 737 - Vila Nova Conceiç&atildeo, S&atildeo Paulo


A true testament to Brazil's culinary heritage, the Bauru sandwich is a delight that cannot be missed. The sandwich is a must-try classic consisting of a crusty bread roll stuffed with melted cheese, tomatoes, sliced pickles, and roast beef. A staple of the country, it is as famous as North America's grilled cheese and BLT.

Where to eat Ponto Chic, Largo do Paissandu 27 City Center, S&atildeo Paulo


These delectable sweet balls, akin to chocolate truffles, hold a special place in the hearts of children and adults alike. Brigadeiros are easy to prepare using just three ingredients&ndashcondensed milk, cocoa powder, and butter&ndashthen mixed and shaped into little balls and garnished with chocolate shavings and sprinkles. Some people might complain about the excessive sweetness, but it is a well-loved sweet snack for most people in Brazil.

Where to eat Capim Santo, Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 2705 - Jardim Europa, S&atildeo Paulo


Feijoada, a hearty stew made of black beans, sausages and cuts of pork, is one of those few dishes which is eaten all across Brazil. Plates of rice, kale, and refreshing orange slices are served as sides with the dish, providing a delightful balance of textures and colours. When preparing it the old-fashioned way, it takes up to 24 hours to make and is traditionally eaten on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To aid digestion and enhance the experience, a sip of cacha&ccedila, a traditional Brazilian spirit, is the perfect finish.

Where to eat Figueira Rubaiyat, Rua Haddock Lobo, 1738 - Jardins, S&atildeo Paulo

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