30BestBarsIndia Announce the Top 50 Bars List For 2022

Mumbai leads with 14 bars Guwahati and Jaipur bars make their debut. Final rankings will be unveiled at the awards ceremony in Gurgaon on January 17, 2023
30BestBarsIndia Announce the Top 50 Bars List For 2022
30BestBarsIndia Announce the Top 50 Bars List For 2022

30BestBarsIndia, India&rsquos only independent bar ranking and awards platform, has unveiled the list of the Top 50 Bars in the country for 2022. The list is based on a poll of a jury of more than 250 members spread across the country. Few of the rankings on the list are jointly shared by multiple bars, and hence the number of the bars total 53.

The bars in the Top 50 list are spread across 10 cities and Goa.

The big story is that Mumbai with 14 bars more than doubled its tally this year as compared to the previous edition, followed by NCR with 11, Bangalore 8, Goa 7, Kolkata 6, Hyderabad and Jaipur with 2 each. Chennai, Pune and Guwahati round up the list with one bar each.

With creative techniques and a stronger focus on each component that goes into a drink, Mumbai is spearheading cocktail culture in India and its high-quality restaurant bars are raising the standard of&nbspdrinking experiences. From 6 bars in 2021&rsquos Top 50 List to 14 bars in 2022&rsquos list, the city is rapidly&nbspbecoming a major hub for cocktail bars, restaurant bars, and lounges. What&rsquos more, new initiatives such&nbspas zero-waste drinks, unique garnishes and enhanced training programs have empowered Mumbai&rsquos&nbspbars to continue upping their game.

The bars were judged on a variety of parameters including service, design, ambience, bar menu, bartending team etc. The final 2022 edition ranking of the 30 Best Bars in India will be announced at an awards ceremony in Gurgaon in January 2023.

The 30BestBarsIndia awards platform, which is in its third edition, is an initiative to encourage innovation and excellence in the country&rsquos hospitality industry.

The Top 50 bars in India for 2022 are listed alphabetically below

AER Lounge (Mumbai), Americano (Mumbai), Bar Palladio (Jaipur), Bastian (Mumbai), Bob&rsquos Bar (Bangalore), Boteco &ndash Restaurante Brasileiro (Bangalore), Byg Brewski Brewing Company (Bangalore), Cocktails & Dreams (Gurgaon), Comorin (Gurgaon), Copitas (Bangalore), Ekaa (Mumbai), Elephant & Co. (Pune), For The Record &ndash Vinyl Bar (Goa), Hideaway (Goa), HOME (New Delhi), Hoots&rsquo (New Delhi), House of Nomad (Mumbai), Izumi (Goa), Jamming Goat 1.0 (Goa), Joseph&rsquos Bar (Goa), Lair (New Delhi), LMNOQ Skybar (Kolkata), Masque (Mumbai), Miguel&rsquos (Goa), Native Cocktail Room (Jaipur), O Pedro (Mumbai), Olterra (Kolkata), PCO (Mumbai), PCO (New Delhi), Perch Wine and Coffee Bar (Mumbai), Raahi Neo Kitchen and Bar (Bangalore), Radio Room (Chennai), Rick&rsquos (New Delhi), Room Two (Hyderabad), Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen (Hyderabad), Sidecar (New Delhi), Slink & Bardot (Mumbai), Sorano (Kolkata), Terra Maaya (Guwahati), The Blue Bar (New Delhi), The Bombay Canteen (Mumbai), The Brass Room (Kolkata), The Grid (Kolkata), The Harbour Bar (Mumbai), The Library Bar (Bangalore), The Library Bar (New Delhi), The Living Room (Mumbai), The Salt House (Kolkata), Titlie (Goa), TOIT (Bangalore), Toto&rsquos Garage (Mumbai), Whisky Samba (Gurgaon), and Windmills Craftworks (Bangalore).

Speaking on the occasion, Vikram Achanta, Co-Founder of 30BestBarsIndia, said, "The mix of bars in the Top 50 list this year is as good as it gets. Decades old bars like Toto's Garage and Harbour Bar from Mumbai and Ricks in Delhi sit next to bars that just opened in the last few years. Smaller cities like Guwahati and Jaipur make their debut in the list. And a surge of excellent restaurant bars has ensured that nearly a third of the list is dominated by Mumbai."

"We appreciate the increasing level of enthusiasm amongst the bar industry to be part of the 30BestBarIndia annual ranking. The ranking has over the last four years become a much-admired industry standard," added Radhakrishnan Nair, Co-Founder of 30BestBarsIndia.

About 30BestBarsIndia

Co-founded in 2019 by Vikram Achanta and Radhakrishnan Nair of Bar 30 India LLP, 30BestBarsIndia India aims to raise awareness about the rising standards of Indian bars and beverages on national and international platforms. 30BestBarsIndia ranking of the country's best bars in the previous two editions in 2019 and 2021 have included well known bars that have gone on to be part of international bar ranking lists. To see the full list of bars and their rankings in 2019 and 2021 please visit https://www.30bestbarsindia.in/.

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