A Bite Of Nostalgia Dehradun's Oldest Bakeries

Indulge in the warm and saccharine goodness of fresh produce at these old city bakeries with recipes passed down from generations
These three bakeries are still doling out warmth and sweet goodness in the city of Dehradun
These three bakeries are still doling out warmth and sweet goodness in the city of Dehradun

Dehradun has grown out of its quiet shell and has now become a hybrid of a city town. With its array of new and glitzy cafes and shopping malls, Dehradun has become a stylish stop, especially for youngsters who are looking for the peace of the mountains but also don't want to be bored by the slow life of the locals. In the crowd of thumping pubs and shiny new cafes, when you stumble across shops as old as the city from your grandparents' days, a sense of wonder comes with it. 

A perfect example is these three of the oldest bakeries in the city that are thriving even to this date. With parents passing over their nostalgia-laced fondness over confectionery with recipes passed down to generations, these bakeries are still doling out warmth and sweet goodness in the city of Dehradun.

Ellora's Confectioners And Bakers, Since 1953 

Established in 1953, Ellora's has maintained its food standards and remains a beloved bakery for locals and visitors. Situated near popular hotels in Dehradun, this shop is easily accessible to tourists. Ellora's offers a wide range of delectable treats, from plum cakes and cake rusks to sticky toffees and cheese sandwiches, ensuring a delightful experience for all biscuit enthusiasts. In addition, Ellora's Melting Moments has opened in the city, specializing in amazing cakes. However, it's important to note that the two outlets are distinct and located a few kilometres apart. The highly recommended original shop is the first Ellora's you encounter while travelling from the Clock Tower to Rajpur Road.

What to order Don't miss out on Ellora's specialities, the plum cake and fruit cake. The sticky-jaw toffees are also a must-try. Another hidden gem on the menu is their cheese sandwich&mdasha simple and filling treat that should not be overlooked when visiting Ellora's.

Address Rajpur Road, Dehradun

Sunrise Bakers, Since 1956

Situated in the narrow yet bustling Ghosi Gali in Paltan Bazaar, this charming bakery offers a wide variety of biscuits and other bakery delights. The Butter Pista Biscuits are the top-selling product, attracting customers from Dehradun and across the nation and the world. This bakery was started by Harnam Singh Jolly in 1956 and is now co-run by his sons Harmeet Singh Jolly and Amardeep. They migrated from Pakistan during Independence and established a bakery in partnership with Paltan Bazaar, eventually venturing on their own. 

What to order&nbspSince their products have a longer shelf-life, their bread, biscuits, cookies and dry cakes are a must-order

Address 20, Ghosi Gali, Darshan Lal Chowk, Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun

Grand Bakers, Since 1963

Arguably the oldest bakery in Dehradun, Grand Bakers continues to be the top choice for long-time residents of the city. This bakery specializes in dry cakes and biscuits with options for shortbread pastries as well. Their variety of rusks are 

What to order Indulge in the Cake Rusk, Oval Rusk, Saunf Rusk, Milk Rusk, Coconut Biscuits, and Walnut Biscuits.

Address 151/1 Paltan Bazar, Dehradun

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