Worlds of Disney

Enter the Magic Kingdom and get lost in the world of imagination, in Florida, United States
Worlds of Disney

American children are raised on a steady diet of sugary cereals, Disney films, and sugary cereals featuring cross-promotions with Disney films. It seems that every little girl dreams of donning a jewelled crown, while little boys want nothing more than to hop a magic carpet ride to adventure. Walt Disney&rsquos timeless amusement parks in perpetually sunny Anaheim, California, and Orlando, Florida, tap into children&rsquos imaginations, making the seemingly impossible possible &mdash if only for a day. The Magic Kingdom is divided into eight inspired realms, each with its own unique ambience, offerings and cast of Disney characters on hand to meet and greet. A not-to-be-missed attraction is Fantasmic, a nightly performance that combines explosive pyrotechnics, shimmering laser lights and dazzling dancing water effects with Disney songs and animation. For information, visit and

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