Vintage rail

Take a step back in time on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad with one of the oldest continuously operating steam engine, 'Puffy'
Vintage rail

After the West was won, the Iron Horse &mdash a.k.a. the steam engine &mdash replaced the covered wagon as the main mode of transport. In the forward rush of 21st-century technology, you can taste a little bit of that almost-forgotten legacy on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Following spurs along the late 19th-century Cotton Belt Route, the former freight engine &lsquoPuffy&rsquo pulls four refurbished 1925 passenger cars, as well as two open-air coaches. Between the town of Grapevine and the city of Fort Worth, Texas, trackside views offer glimpses of Lone Star communities that dot the countryside, and you can visit attractions like the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Take your pick between the Cotton Belt or Trinity River track, or take advantage of a romance, jazz music or family package with an overnight stay. See               

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