Madhya Pradesh Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the heart of the Vindhya range, this wildlife sanctuary is one of the few remaining homes of the endangered Asiatic Lion
Madhya Pradesh Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Location Amid the Vindhya Range, close to Rajasthan
Distance 145 km SW of Gwalior
Route from Gwalior Via SH2 and SH23

Notified as a sanctuary in the year 1981, Kuno-Palpur is situated in the Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh. This protected region has a core area of 345 sq km and an outer buffer area of 890 sq km. Together, they constitute the wildlife division, created in the year 2002 to provide an alternative home to the endangered Asiatic Lion. The undulating terrain of the Vindhya Range in which the reserve is situated is actually a river valley, created by the River Kuno, which divides the sanctuary from north to south.

The sanctuary is made up of thick deciduous forest, interspersed with meadows, and comprises species of trees such as kardhai, gurjan, khair and kahua. Herbivores such as nilgai, sambar, spotted deer, blackbuck and chinkara, which move in herds, are easily spotted here while the carnivores, including panthers, jackals, foxes, hyenas, and bears, can be a little more elusive. A few tigers from Ranthambore (150 km away) have been known to visit this sanctuary. Apart from these, you can spot reptiles such as monitor lizards and pythons, or go down to the Kuno river to marvel at the plethora of aquatic fauna there. Birdwatchers should carry binoculars, as there are a sizeable number of migratory birds such as the lesser florican that visit the sanctuary, apart from the more common birds, such as the bayaweaver, babbler, tree pie, lapwing, and king vulture.

The Kuno-Palpur Sanctuary can ben accessed by three entry points Tiktoli Gate, Peepal Bavdi Gate and Ahera Gate. The ride towards the sanctuary is beautiful spotted deer and blackbuck can often be seen on the road side, grazing and walking in herds.

The Information
Park Entry

Private vehicles (four wheelers) are allowed inside the park for a fee of 400, upto 8 pax. A
forest guard is available on request
October to June
When to Go
October-March, when the weather is pleasant
Where to Stay
There are not too many accommodation options at the Kuno-Palpur Sanctuary. Ideally, however, the reserve can be visited on a day trip from Gwalior. Otherwise, one can stay in the Forest Rest House at Kuno-Palpur (Tel 07530-220004, Cell 09424791938 Tariff 1,000). This rest house has four rooms with attached baths. Note, however, that they use only solar electricity. If you need to run the air conditioner you will have to pay an additional charge of 1,500 for the generator. Food is provided, on request. If lucky, visitors can see the tiger as well as other animals drinking water from the Kuno river which flows close to this rest house. There is also a PWD guesthouse. For details, contact the District Forest Officer (Cell 09424791938).
Tourist Offices
MP Tourist Information Centre
Hotel Tansen, 6A, Gandhi Road
Tel 0751-2234557, 4056726
Gwalior Tourist Office
Railway Station, Gwalior
Tel 0751-4040777
STD code 07530

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