Cvennes National Park, France

Located in southern France, overlooked by Mont Lozre and Aigoual peaks, this park is home to 2,400 species of fauna
The pastoral charms of Cvennes
The pastoral charms of Cvennes

The green ribbon of the Tarn river curves through green-dotted rock channels in which the yellow-grey stone seems to rise up into cottages that grew there like the trees did. Loz&eacutere, one of the three d&eacutepartments that the C&eacutevennes National Park stretches across, is the least populated area of France &mdash a very good reason to go see it while this lasts. Because the beauty of this region straddling the Languedoc-Rousillon and the Rh&ocircne-Alps is too exquisite to miss. The granite peaks of Mont Loz&eacutere, Boug&eacutes, Aigoual and Lingas rise from it, and the karstic plateau of the Causse M&eacutejean thrusts up too. In between there are still pools to swim in and fortified villages and castles to admire. Forest, steppe and rock habitats, in Mediterranean, Alpine and Continental climes are home to 2,400 species of fauna and almost as many plant species. No wonder Robert Louis Stevenson&rsquos pen was readily attracted to this rocky place, where hiking is the modus of choice.

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Location Montpellier is 3hrs by TGV from Paris, from where you should first head to Florac (where there&rsquos a tourist information post) by road.

Where to stay Local B&ampBs and guesthouses are easier, but more atmospheric are the gites ruraux, small annexes of house or barn, outfitted with a small kitchen or pantry and rented out by local families. See

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