Customised jeep safaris in Ladakh

Explore the lesser-known corners of Ladakh with an expert who has been conducting these trips for almost a decade
Customised jeep safaris in Ladakh

If you&rsquove been dreaming about visiting Ladakh, have a week or three to spare and don&rsquot mind paying a bit more to get a lot more, we have the perfect go-to person for you. Vikram Maira is better known as the man behind the lovely Sitla Estate in Kumaon, but every year between July and September, he has been running off to conduct entirely customised jeep safaris in Ladakh. He&rsquos been doing this for nearly ten years now (we can keep some secrets), and that means you&rsquoll be shown a Ladakh that possibly no other organised tour can match. Expect the pace to be super-gentle, super-immersive. If you&rsquore in a rush, Maira could arrange a week-long tour (Leh to Leh), but what you want is to begin with that classic, the Manali-Leh road trip. You&rsquoll need to sign up for at least two weeks to enjoy this. You&rsquoll be taken to Nubra, yes, but to hidden corners where no other tourist dares tread to Pangong Tso, of course, but where you&rsquoll be treated to a comfy homestay in Tangtse, 45 minutes away. Stuff like that&hellip Indicative prices for a two-week trip Rs 75,000 per person, all-inclusive, ex-Manali/Leh. Contact 9917506183,,

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