Why You Need To Visit Gujarat During Navratri

Experiencing Gujarat during the Navratri festival will be one of your most colourful encounters.
Head to Gujarat to experience Navratri celebrations
Head to Gujarat to experience Navratri celebrations

Bright lights, drapes of varied hues, the soft sounds of folk music in the background are a common occurrence in Gujarat - also, a plausible scenario during the time of festivals. But as it goes from dawn to dusk, Gujarat too, takes on a new fa&ccedilade - one that quickly moves from sly deception to outward extravagance - leaving you in a tizzy. What begins as a faint sound of a group of anklets lurking in the background at the beginning of the night turns into blaring vibrations of folk music perfectly mixed with the tunes of today. While all of India celebrates Navratris with much enthusiasm, nothing beats the fervour of Gujarat during the nine-day festival. Night after night, people from this state gather around in different cities to celebrate the feminine divinity referred to as &lsquoShakti.&rsquo Along they bring a palette of unimaginable colours and a heart so full of festive excitement it can bring anything to life.

Where It All Began

The celebrations of Navratri in Gujarat go beyond the excitement of Ras Garba. The festival comes from a place of great devotion for the Almighty, which is evident from the enthralling myths and legends associated with the festival.   

Per mythology, the demon Mahishasur was offered a blessing by the immortal Lord Agni that no weapon will be able to kill the demon. Overwhelmed by his power and ignorant thereof, he started causing destruction and terrorized those he considered weak. The Gods, unable to deal with this situation sought out Lord Shiva for help, who in turn advised the invocation of Goddess Shakti. All the Lords got together to form Adhya Shakti who birthed from the divine lustre that sprang out of God Shiva&rsquos heart. Equipped with ornaments, arms and a lion as her vehicle, she fought Mahishasur for nine days and nine nights, finally beheading him on the 10th day, observed as Vijayadashmi.

Also, signifying a time of soil fertility and monsoon harvest, a mound of fresh soil with grains sown is kept in every house that worships the Goddess and it is well-watered till the very last day of the festival.

A festival that initially began as a token to honour the greatness of the Adhya Shakti has today metamorphosed into an event of outrageous proportions with thousands of people coming together to sing, dance, and make merry. The Goddess is worshipped in different forms in the nine-day long festival, which is also one of the world&rsquos longest and most celebrated dance festivals.

Best Places in Gujarat to Celebrate the Festival

Begin your journey at the cultural capital of Gujarat - Vadodara. The United Way of Garba, one of the most-well known Ras Garba events in the country, takes place here and witnesses as many as 30,000 people (at least) every night for nine nights. From good food to dance competitions, the event is a one-stop destination for dance, dine and everything fine.

Ahmedabad is another destination that attracts a huge crowd during Navratris alongside a number of famous singers and popular faces from films and television, who dance to the tunes of folk music perfectly synced with modern-day tunes. An atmosphere of merriment quickly takes over the city during this time, especially at the Pols area.

Gujarat&rsquos best-kept secret (for visitors to the state), Somnath&rsquos Navratri event - the Navratri Mahotsav at Somnath Mahadev Temple in Somnath is a delightful sight and should be a part of your itinerary. As long queues finish up after prayers, the place takes a 360-degree turn with bright lights, stalls serving authentic Gujarati food, and people swaying to the music.

Other popular destinations that should be a part of your sojourn are Rajkot and Surat. 

A must-try is the food available at these festivals. Delectable Gujarati dishes like dhokla, khandvi, gathiya, among others.

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