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With colours adorning the walls of cities across the country, Indian streets today represent a canvas of hues and art. Be it the traditionally-painted lanes of Varanasi or the visually captivating illustrations at the Lodhi Art District in Delhi, you have ample of spots to find your picture-perfect moment
Street art in Fort Kochi
Street art in Fort Kochi

India boasts a tapestry of colourful streets that uniquely charm its cities. Many of the popular lanes showcase an array of colours, graffiti and art. If you go to the South, the erstwhile French-dominated areas will attract you with their yellow walls, while the murals in Delhi's Lodhi colony will leave you awe-struck with their precision. These streets come alive with a riot of colours to offer a cultural experience filled with bohemian vibes. Here are six streets in India that capture this spirited vibe, offering a perfect fusion of colours and urban expression.

Lodhi Art District, Delhi

The Lodhi Art District in Central Delhi is a visually captivating street in India. This unique area has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the efforts of street artists and illustrators who have breathed new life into the crumbling walls and pale minarets. As you explore the district, you'll be amazed by the bright patterns, murals, and thought-provoking pieces adorning the walls. The artwork encompasses a range of themes, including depictions from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, representations of women's rights, and a magnificent painting inspired by our national flag.

French Quarter, Puducherry

Enveloped in Bougainvillea, the French Quarter street is an amalgam of colours, quaint villas and boutique hotels. It is a visually appealing destination that offers plenty of Polaroid moments. Stroll through its streets on a heritage walk and get yourself captured outside the bright yellow walls of French houses. Ahead of these walls, you will find a turquoise ocean landscape accompanied by pebbles and sand. The vendors selling 'gajras' (flowers to adorn hair) and the balloon seller holding colourful balloons will make for a perfect picture to put on Instagram. What accentuates the bohemian vibe are the roads and fences inked with artistic graffiti. 

Fontainhas, Goa

While Goa is often associated with its breezy beaches, lesser-known Fontainhas deserves attention too. Located in Old Goa, this area showcases the charm of colonial architecture through its houses and cottages. A stroll along the narrow cobbled lanes takes you back to the Portuguese era, with pastel and fluorescent-coloured houses beautifying the streets. The red roofs, overhead balconies, and artistic doors add to the enchantment of this place. 

Shahpur Jat, Delhi

Located barely 10 minutes from Hauz Khas, Shahpur Jat is a vibrant neighbourhood known for its colourful clusters. The walls of this area are decked-up with a mix of graffiti and shades of pink, yellow, and blue. This burst of bright colours has become a popular backdrop for photographers and models. The graffiti throughout Shahpur Jat offers a contemporary interpretation of mythical characters and artistic representations of nature. 

Ghats of Varanasi

Varanasi, a revered Hindu city, embodies a colourful concoction of ghats and traditions. Along the path towards the ghats of the sacred Ganga River, you will encounter ancient temples and shrines that will be perfect for your social media postcards. The serene atmosphere enhanced by the presence of seers donning vibrant orange attire, distinctive headgear, and beards is an add-on for a perfect click. Moreover, Varanasi's narrow lanes showcase walls adorned with graffiti, with talented artists diligently working on their creations during the early morning hours.

Old City, Udaipur

A surprise awaits in this Old City, which boasts one of India's most vibrant streets. Take a leisurely bike ride, cycle, or stroll along the narrow lanes to explore its charm. As you wander, you'll be captivated by the intricately handprinted motifs of animals, particularly elephants, adorning the homes. The lanes are decorated with intricate fresco paintings and captivating artwork, creating a visual treat for visitors. These motifs often signify upcoming weddings in the families residing in these homes. The vibrant and artistic ambience of Udaipur provides the perfect backdrop for a postcard-worthy click.

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