Pride Education Use This Dictionary To Brush Up Your Vocab

June is Pride Month, which has been dedicated to the rainbow ways of ending discrimination against LGBTQAI community. Be the right ally and learn more about the gender identities under the rainbow umbrella
Learn more about Queer identities
Learn more about Queer identities

Agender - a person who has little or no connection to the traditional notion of gender, or with the concept of a man or a woman. 

Asexual - someone who experiences little or no sexual attraction to others 

Bisexual - Individuals who are attracted to both men and women

Cisgender - someone whose gender and personal identification corresponds with the gender assigned at birth

Drag Queen - Theatrical performances by (mostly) a man who dresses as a woman. Drag King is the same, except (mostly) women dressing up as men.

Demisexual - people who experience sexual attraction only after an emotional bond is formed

Eunuch - a person who is born male at birth but is castrated and emasculated

Faggot - derogatory term used for gay and queer people

Gay - Primarily used for men who are attracted to other men, but can also be used as an umbrella term for individuals who are attracted to people of the same gender.

Gender fluid - someone whose identification with a gender changes

Gender normative - someone whose gender presentation aligns with society&rsquos expectations from that gender

Heterosexual/Straight a person primarily emotionally, physically, and/or sexually attracted to some people who are not their same sex/gender. 

Intersex - person with sexual anatomy that does not fit completely into either male or female binary.

Lesbian - Women who are attracted to women

Metrosexual - a man who spends more time, energy, or money on his appearance and grooming than is considered gender normative.

Non-Binary - someone who does identify as Male or Female

Pan/Omnisexual - a person who experiences sexual, romantic, physical, attraction for members of all gender identities/expressions. 

Queer - Historically used a slur against the community, the term has been reclaimed to talk about anyone who does not confirm to traditional gender identities in some way not cisgendered or &lsquostraight&rsquo

Transgender - Someone whose gender identity does not correspond with the sex assigned to them at birth. This defines the gender, and not sexual identity of the said person and is a blanket term.

Transsexual - a person who identifies psychologically as a gender/sex other than the one to which they were assigned at birth and transition via hormones and surgery to match their inner sense of gender/sex.

Transvestite also called cross dresser, a person who dresses as person of the opposite gender

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