Music Festivals Worth Travelling For In India

For the love of music, good times, and great travel, here is our pick of four music festivals (among many) in India you should be making plans for
A performance at Hornbill International Rock Contest in Nagaland
A performance at Hornbill International Rock Contest in Nagaland

"Music is all about transporting people speaking a language which languages fail to express"

                                                                                                                                                 A.R. Rahman

Music is that one thing that finds a common ground across race, nationality, age and social standing. It wouldn't be a falsehood to say that it is music that binds us. India, with its diverse culture, traditions and talents has music written all over it. From our folk to contemporary music, it is one field where we all can agree on one thing&mdashmusic is synonymous with good times. And in India we have many music festivals to prove that right. Bob Marley was on point when he said, "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain".

Here are four such music festivals (among many) in India worth travelling for.

Hornbill International Rock Contest
The annual festival of festivals, the Hornbill Festival, is a platform where you can experience the best of Naga heritage, culture, traditions, food and arts. It is easy to get overwhelmed by so many different Naga traditions during the festival. But to balance things out there is also Hornbill International Rock Contest where artist from all over India and abroad come together. It's all about good food, good music and good vibe.

When December 1-10 every year.
Where Nagaland

Ziro Festival of Music

This outdoor music festival takes place in the beautiful Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. The four-day festival focusses on the indie music scene in India. Ziro Festival of Music is just seven years old and is already a great platform for budding artists. Apart from Indian artists, artists from otehr parts of the world also grace the festival with their performances. If you think music is the only pull, think again. The road that takes you to Ziro is a beautiful one. The only way to reach Ziro is by road and the drive/ride is worth your time. Once there, you will be welcomed by the soothing sight of green hills, undulating hillocks and green paddy fields. The air is always crisp in Ziro, meaning, perfect for outdoor music festival.

When Last week of September every year
Where Ziro, Arunachal Paradesh

Bacardi NH7 Weekender

They call it the happiest music festival and we are not going to say otherwise. The annual multi-city music festival takes place between October and December. This year the festival will start in Meghalaya (November 2-3) after which the festival will move to other venues in the country. In past years the festival took place in Shillong, Pune, Noida, Bengaluru and Kolkata. The festival is known for a diverse line-up of artists, from local to major international names like Steve Vai and Megadeth among many others. This year music fans will be able to enjoy the best of Poets of the Fall, Switchfoot, Guthrie Govan and many others.

When October-December
Where Multi-city

Sula Fest

The 12th edition of Sula Fest is right arounf the corner. Well, February 2-3, 2019, to be more precise. And what better than to have a fun music festival in a picture-perfect vineyard The annual two-day music festival is also known as 'gourmet world music festival'. At Sula Fest you can have good music and good food and drinks. To add a little drama to already fun festival, the music festival takes place at a Greek-style amphitheatre and apart from music, festival goers can take part in grape stomping, wine tasting and camping.

When February 2-3, 2019
Where Sula Vineyards in Nashik, Maharashtra

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