Monsoon Walks And Trails In India To Sign Up For

Come monsoon and you will find naturalists, environmentalists, and heritage conservation enthusiasts organising walks to showcase various aspects of India's rains. Here are some you should sign up for
Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi. Photo Credit Sreeyash Lohiya/Shutterstock
Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi. Photo Credit Sreeyash Lohiya/Shutterstock
From exploring stepwells and other aspects of monsoon architecture in India to foraging for edible weeds in urban spaces, there are many different walks and trails that are held across India in the rainy season. We have curated a list of monsoon walks you can sign up for.  
Heritage Water&nbspWalks In Jaipur
Neeraj Doshi, the founder of Heritage Water Walks, digs deep into his roots to reveal deeply embedded water conservationist practices that are as relevant to the desert state today as they were centuries back. A graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Boston&rsquos Tufts University, Jaipur-based Doshi has spent a decade and a half working in the sustainability space. He started Heritage Water Walks to showcase this lesser-known cultural phenomenon of Rajasthan. "Water is critical for survival for every living being. However, when a group of people chooses or is forced to survive in a water-desperate zone, water concern consumes their every living activity," he says. "This gives rise to a societal structure with water at its core. This precious elixir of life has also evolved into a sacred space in water-deprived societies." These walks explore the rich and varied water architecture in Rajasthan. "Different regions have developed different mechanisms and technology to conserve water," says Doshi. "Topography plays a very important role in this technological evolution. Some of these technologies or systems are paar, kuin, johad, nadi, jhalara, kuan, talaab, beri, khadin, baodi/bawadi, sagar ke &lsquokuen&rsquo, etc."
Edible Food Walks In Bengaluru
Foraging for wild edibles has taken off in a big way worldwide. Our urban environments, too, have bountiful wild food. For instance, what comes to mind when you hear the name Sarjapur in Bengaluru Traffic delays, building sites, and tech companies But dig deeper, and you will see that this Bengaluru suburb is more than that. Through Sarjapur Greens, artist Suresh Kumar G has launched an endeavour to bring back traditional wild edible greens. On the walks, participants can get up and personal with tasty wild plants like garganakka, pal mulengakku, and gurugakku. And also learn how to cook them. These vegetables are healthy and have health benefits.
Paddy Transplantation Drives In Uttar Kannada
The arrival of the monsoon means the beginning of the planting season in many regions of India. You can experience this ritual when you sign up for the Mungaru walks by BuDa Folklore which celebrates the rains with paddy-transplanting activities, and highlights the importance of land and seed preservation through the cultivation of folk rice varieties like halaga, ratnachuda, kempuhalaga and hegge. BuDa Folklore is an organisation dedicated to conserving the rich biodiversity and folk tales of the indigenous people of Uttar Kannada. They believe that Mungaru and other similar programmes play an important part in cultural preservation.&nbspBeing a part of BuDa events means getting the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful landscapes, islands, waterfalls, estuaries, hills, rivers, thick forests and the sea. They host several trails and walks exploring the geography of the region.
Heritage Walks&nbspIn The Rain in Delhi
The monsoon&nbspcan be a great time to check out the heritage sites in Delhi. The capital is home to numerous architectural marvels. Currently in its seventh avatar, Delhi is scattered with historic tombs and monuments and as one looks up, one often fails to realise one can look down to discover something beautiful too. For instance, you can explore intricate stepwells and baolis in Delhi in the monsoon season. Sign up for the curated Walk in The Rain by India City Walks to experience the lush green spaces around Lodhi Garden, Hauz Khas, and Mehrauli. You may also get to enjoy a picnic on these excursions. 
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