All About Jatayu Earth's Centre In Kollam, Kerala

Head to this adventurous hotspot replete with mythological anecdotes. From replicas of Lord Rama's footprint to the small waterbody where Jatayu spent its last hours, explore these attractions by taking a cable car or trekking to the hilltop
Jatayu Earth's Centre. Credit Wikimedia Commons
Jatayu Earth's Centre. Credit Wikimedia Commons

Jatayu Earth's Centre has been a hidden gem among Kerala's many sightseeing spots. An eco-tourism initiative, this site perfectly blends mythology and artistry, offering an enriching ride to tourists. The inspiration behind this magnificent sculpture originates from the legend of Jatayu. This King of Vultures from the epic Ramayana has been recreated into an adventure hotspot. 

Inaugurated in 2018, the tourist attraction is the world's largest bird sculpture, according to its website. Designed by Rajiv Anchal, the 70-feet tall sculpture is carved out on the Chadayamangalam hilltop in Kollam, where the battered bird is believed to have fallen after failing to thwart Ravana's abduction of Goddess Sita.

The Muse

To immortalise Jatayu's sacrifice, the sculpture has been designed precisely how Ravana left it&mdashinjured and wingless. The massive structure shows the bird facing upside with clenched claws and pain in its eyes, reflecting the agony it went through after the face-off. Moreover, the brilliant piece of art is also dedicated to women's safety in line, commemorating Jatayu's efforts to protect Goddess Sita from the Ravana.

If you scroll through the website, the poetic narration of the bird's first encounter with Lord Ram will compel you to book your slot for the range of activities offered here. 

A Mythological Adventure Attractions

Offer prayers at the Ram Temple, built next to the grand sculpture. You will also find Lord Ram's footprints at the site. Some metres away, spot a replica of a water body, which Jatayu believably used to drink water to survive as it awaited Lord Ram's arrival.

A replica of King Janak's Palace, Goddess Sita's father, has also been carved at the site. The palace's designs highlight the architecture of 'Thretha Yug,' as per the website.

The 6D theatre&nbspis a visual retreat for anyone and everyone wanting to revisit the legend of the fallen warrior. With high-resolution pictures, the recreation of the Jatayu-Ravana battle experience will leave visitors in awe.

cable ride&nbspamidst the greens is worth every penny to reach the hilltop. Enjoy your journey as you make your way up to the sculpture in the Swiss-made cable cars. The ride will take you both up and down the hilltop where the statue lies.

For adventure enthusiasts, trekking&nbspis another way to reach the sculpture. With a trail of 826 steps, a walkway will help you enjoy the serene sight but ensure you are prepared well to culminate the journey.

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The Information

Location&nbspJatayu Junction, Jatayu Nature Park Road, Chadayamangalam, Kerala

Getting There Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport for those commuting by air,&nbsplocated about 51.2 km from the destination. If you are travelling by train, board the closest railway stations are Punalur Railway Station (25 km), Paravur Railway Station (27.5 km), and Kollam Junction railway station. Several local buses ply from Kollam, Punalur and other nearby cities for locals or those taking the road routes. Check Kollam district's official&nbspwebsite&nbspfor more information on courses.

Cover Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

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