Here's How UAE Celebrates Eid Al-Fitr

In UAE, the festival gets as big as it can, with city-wide events, grand processions and much more
Sharjah Mosque. Photo Credit
Sharjah Mosque. Photo Credit
The festival of Eid al-Fitr brings people together in grand celebrations across the globe. From East to West, the day of festivities takes on a different character&ndashwhile in some places, it may be a one-day festival, there are many where the Eid celebrations are concluded over three days. 
In UAE, the festival gets as big as it can, with city-wide events, grand processions and much more. While for the world, Eid was marked to be held on April 21, the committee responsible for sighting the moon in the UAE declared April 20, i.e. Friday, as the day of the festival. Since the celebrations were dimmed by the pandemic in the last two years, UAE citizens took to the news with fervour. 
Prayers, Feasts And Charity 
From communal prayers to extensive meals to glowing fireworks, Eid al-Fitr is celebrated with unparalleled pomp and show in the UAE. The day begins with dressing up in the best attires and congregating at the nearest mosque for the Eid prayers, where many other families also join. 
After the prayers, everybody greets each other, exchanging wishes for the year ahead. Many also participate in offerings gifts and donations to the less fortunate. Since the day marks the end of Ramadan, the act of charity and service after a month-long reflection is immensely important to the community. In Saudi Arabia, it is a tradition for people to buy large quantities of food and leave them at the doorsteps of those in need. 
After the prayers, families come together to celebrate over an elaborate meal consisting of traditional dishes. It is a custom for relatives and friends to adorn traditional vibrant attires and gather around a feast to celebrate the beginning of a new year.
It is also common to see many people head outdoors, especially in the evening. Many shopping malls across Abu Dhabi and Dubai also hold special events, including live concerts and shopping or food festivals during Eid. However, the grand fireworks that light up the sky are the most awaited every Eid. Swarms of people, along with their families, throng popular areas such as Abu Dhabi's Yas Island, Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi Corniche and Dubai's Global Village and Jumeirah Beach to witness the colourful firework display. 

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