Floral Festivities The Phuloon Ki Holi In Vrindavan

The Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, becomes the epicentre of celebrations during the festival of Holi
Phuloon Ki Holi is a spectacular one-day event    Photo credit Naresh Sharma / Shutterstock
Phuloon Ki Holi is a spectacular one-day event Photo credit Naresh Sharma / Shutterstock

Holi, one of the most celebrated festivals in India, is also spiritually engaging. Although it feels magnificent everywhere, it is Vrindavan, Mathura and Barsana which take the festivities of Holi to extraordinary heights. These cities see celebratory crowds during the Holi week, which starts after Basant Panchami (the beginning of the spring season) and end on a primary day. Holi has a lot of facets when it comes to these places. People from across the country visit this mega-event. One of the styles is Phuloon Ki Holi or the Holi of Flowers.  

Bloom Time

As the name suggests, Phuloon Ki Holi is a spectacular one-day event on the Ekadashi (11th day of the full moon) before Holi and is celebrated with flowers. Dry colours have been in the picture for a long time however, revelling in Holi with flowers is unique. 

Flower Power

There is not much information on the event&rsquos antiquity, but it is known that its origin lies in the Braj region of Mathura, where some communities first started the tradition. One of the reasons for using flowers instead of colour is to make it look divine and spiritual. Flowers play a symbolic role, connecting people with higher consciousness and promoting peace and harmony. 

Blossom Shower

The Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan is the primary spot for Phuloon Ki Holi, making it a busy area on the day. The gates of the temple open at 4.00 pm, and revellers line up way before the entry time to get a good glimpse of the flower rain that is set to happen. As and when the gates open, people step inside for the main event where temple priests on the first floor of the temple, shower flowers on the devotees, for about 15 to 20 minutes. You are likely to miss it if you are not there early enough. Although it is all over and done within a short span of time, it is worth the jam-packed crowd and fragrance 

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