Traditional dance performers on the streets of Tawang
Traditional dance performers on the streets of Tawang

Explore Arunachal Pradesh's Magical Culture In All Its Glory

Starting on 28th October, this festival is where the state's best art, culture, and talent is.

Known as the Land of the Dawn-Lit-Mountains, its beautiful&nbsplandscape has all of us in awe and is reigned to be the top reason why we have&nbspit&nbspon our must-visit list. But there's a lot more to be explored beyond its lush green valleys and glistening streams&ndashits culture and traditions, which forms a tapestry just as vibrant. The best way to do that is at the four-day long&nbspTawang&nbspFestival, which brings together the state's diverse art forms to celebrate it gloriously.   

In A Glimpse  

Since 2012, when it was first held to promote tourism, the festival has become an event that attracts visitors from across the globe. Every year, it only gets better and bigger, with the celebrations washing over the beautiful town of&nbspTawang.  

This quaint dreamland takes on a sparkling avatar during the four days, with colourful Buddhist flags adorning the beautiful&nbspbylanes, traditionally adorned dancers performing to energetic beats, and the art exhibited everywhere.   

The Festivities Begin 

The festival's first day begins on a spiritual note with Sebang, a traditional ritual where monks embark on a journey from the&nbspTawang&nbspMonastery to the town's central landmark on foot. After this, the tranquil aura of the city takes on an energetic one&ndashtraditional and tribal dance processions such as the Aji Lhamu&nbspor Dance of the Yak&nbspfollow, and soulful music performances echo in the clean, crisp air.   

The festival also presents itself as an empowering platform for local talents to exhibit their art and photography and for the state's filmmakers to showcase their magic on reel. What's more To make this experience more fulfilling, are many stalls and kiosks bringing the state's soulful and ambrosial flavours to you.   

More To Explore  

Although there's a lot to unpack in this four-day long extravaganza, don't miss out on the moments of solitude and calm in&nbspTawang's&nbspmesmerizing views that can be seen from the&nbspGorichen&nbspPeak or enjoyed while sitting on the bank of the Sela Lake.   

If you've been searching for a serene getaway and a never-had-before experience, then don't wait further than this to plan your visit to&nbspTawang&nbspduring its festival days from 28th October till 31st October.   

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