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From the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the islands of Malta, these explorations are like a journey into the past
The pyramids of Egypt
The pyramids of Egypt

Discover the world's most significant archaeological sites and historic treasures on these trips that immerse you in history by allowing you to discover historical cultures and what remains of former societies.

The Megaliths Of Malta

This tour takes you to the islands of Malta and Gozo, which have a number of remarkable archaeological sites, such as ancient temples that claim to be among the world's oldest structures. Visit prehistoric temples, thought to be the world's earliest accessible free-standing structures, as well as medieval settlements and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to learn about 7,000 years of history, including unexplained carved-stone landscapes, and fine Baroque architecture. More info here.

Cruising The Dalmatian Coast From Dubrovnik To Split

Many peoples have passed through Dalmatia over the years, settling, competing, fighting, and interacting. From Dalmatian and Illyrian tribesmen to Greek colonists, Roman and Byzantine soldiers and emperors, Croat warriors, Venetian traders, Ottoman and Italian fleets, and French and Austro-Hungarian governors and engineers, they have left behind a distinct cultural legacy that must be explored and enjoyed. On this tour, you will see fascinating archaeological and historical sites in the presence of knowledgeable guides while also enjoying wonderful local food and wine. Dalmatia, the southernmost district of Croatia's Adriatic Coast, is a place of tremendous natural beauty and historical significance, with many interesting strands of human struggle and achievement woven together into an astonishing tapestry of culture. More info here.

The Pyrenees Rock Art Tour 

Discover direct links to the distant past by exploring some of France's most stunning cave art locations. Created between 35,000 and 10,000 years ago, during an Ice Age in Europe, these incredible pictures have been around for millennia. Visit locations such as the Grotte de B&eacutedeilhac, where occupation dates back at least 15,000 years, and the Grottes de Gargas, where cave art consists of two distinct parts developed in the Upper Palaeolithic period around 25000 BC. Visit the region's most notable ancient cave art sites, including Mas d'Azil and Niaux, as well as the Roman archaeological site of Lugdunum Convenarum. More info here.

The Architectural Treasures of Mongolia

This journey covers Mongolia's ancient history and breathtaking scenery, passing through vast grasslands, forested mountains, and the Gobi Desert on its way to historic treasure locations. Visit ancient burial sites, stone men, the remnants of mythical towns, and exquisitely carved deer stones erected by Bronze Age people thousands of years ago. You'll also see Chenghis Khan's empire's battlefield fortifications, as well as Buddhist monasteries from the past and present. Explore the region's lesser-known history, such as the 8th-century castle of Kharbalgas in the rich Orkhon Valley, which was a focus of political activity hundreds of years before Khan's birth. Explore rural Mongolia's national parks and wild horse reserves, where many nomadic tribes still live. Other highlights include visits to the historic sights of Ulaanbaatar, including the National Museum of Mongolia, and key sites that have produced dinosaur eggs and fossils from the Upper Cretaceous period. More info here

Explore the Archaeology, Art, and Cuisine of Sicily

Travel with archaeology experts from the United States to the most remarkable archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, including Agrigento, Selinunte, Segesta, and Syracuse. See the Monreale Cathedral and the Royal Palace of Palermo (Palazzo dei Normanni), two of the best specimens of Norman architecture. Several excellent museums have substantial archaeological collections. You might choose to extend your journey for four nights to explore Malta's famed and amazing prehistoric sites. More info here.

The Mekong River Civilisations

On this Mekong River tour via Vietnam and Cambodia, you get to visit Ho Chi Minh City (still known as Saigon by many), a bustling and dynamic metropolis, and take a Mekong River cruise. Visit beautiful Buddhist and Hindu temples, observe floating marketplaces teeming with fruit, and delve into the daily lives of individuals who call the Mekong River home as you cruise from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap. Explore the world-famous Khmer temples of Angkor in Siem Reap. This UNESCO World Heritage Site encompasses the spectacular ruins of the Khmer Empire's many capitals, including the famed Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the Bayon Temple with its numerous sculptural ornamentations. More info here

Discover The History of Saudi Arabia

Learn about Saudi Arabia's rich history and rich culture on this tour. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the spectacular petroglyphs at Jubbah, the stunning, carved stone Nabataean tombs at Hegra (Madain Saleh), Al Balad, Jeddah's historic centre, and the Al Turaif District of Diriyah, whose restored citadel and palaces are now an open-air museum. Explore the 6,000-year-old Rajajil Standing Stones, the Sakaka Rock Carvings, which were discovered in 2018, and the Mughair Shuwayb necropolis in Madyan, which was built into the hillside by the ancient Nabataeans. Explore Ushaiger Heritage Village, one of the region's oldest settlements and largely recognised as the most gorgeous village in Saudi Arabia. Stroll around Al Ula's Old Town, which is enclosed by town walls and features 900 mudbrick homes. More info here.

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