Chengdu Science Fiction Museum Will Host Worldcon 2023

Chengdu in China is set to be the centre of the science fiction universe this summer as the giants of the literary world congregate in the ancient city
Chengdu Science Fiction Museum Will Host Worldcon 2023
Chengdu Science Fiction Museum Will Host Worldcon 2023

The Chengdu Science Fiction Museum in China will host the Worldcon, the biggest science fiction convention in the world. 

Worldcon is the annual convention of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). It was first held in 1939 and, after a hiatus during WWII, has been held continuously since 1946.  

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects,&nbspthe 59,000 square metre facility (currently under construction) is expected to grow into a thriving hub of innovation and a gathering place for the "primary incubator of science fiction literature in China" and will serve as the site of the 81st World Science Fiction Convention and the Hugo Awards.

The Sci Fi World At Worldcon

One of the largest science fiction conventions in the world, Worldcon has been around since 1939. It is hosted in a different city every year, and its main event is the annual Hugo awards ceremony. In addition to the Hugo Awards, Worldcon offers a jam-packed schedule of author readings, writing workshops, and hundreds of panels with well-known writers, artists etc as participants. In the past attendeed have included Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin, fantasy author Robin Hobb, Neil Gaiman, Arthur C Clarke, and Terry Prachett.

The Host City Of Chengdu

The capital city of Sichuan province, Chengdu has more than 4,000 years&rsquo of history. In 2010, Chengdu was desgnated as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy due to its many food traditions. 

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a conservation facility where visitors can witness endangered giant pandas in their natural habitat, is located in the city.  

With a history spanning thousands of years, Chengdu has been a significant player in numerous historical eras and events, from the Han Dynasty to World War II and up to the present.

A Green Museum

The Chengdu Science Fiction Museum is on Jingrong Lake in Chengdu's Pidu District. It is built in such a way that it appears to float over the surface of the lake. The fluid design of the building meets the 3 Star standards of China's Green Building Programme and ensures efficiency in composition, solar irradiation, structure,&nbspand has a natural hybrid ventilation and photovoltaics built into its canopy.

The Information

What Worldcon 2023

When October 18, 2023 to October 22, 2023.

Where Chengdu Science Fiction Museum in Jingrong Lake, Pidu District, China

More details here.

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