Bacardi NH7 Weekender: Best Places To Visit In Meghalaya

When in Meghalaya, it's always the best of music and natural beauty. Find a perfect mix of these two at the Bacardi NH 7 Weekender Meghalaya Edition
It's all fun and music at Bacardi NH 7 Weekender Meghalaya Edition
It's all fun and music at Bacardi NH 7 Weekender Meghalaya Edition

Get ready to travel when in Meghalaya for Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2018 because the venue for the Meghalaya edition (2-3 Nov) is tucked away 55km from the capital city Shillong in  The Festive Hills, Thadlaskein, Lad Mukhla, Jaintia Hills. Nothing but the best in music with international artists like Poets of the Fall, Switchfoot, Guthrie Govan and Tiny Fingers Indian artists like Shankar Mahadevan, Pentagram, Zero, TM Krishna, Dualist Inquiry, Scribe, Mohini Dey, Sandunes Live, and LANDS and artists from the northeast like Tipriti Kharbangar and the Clansmen, Dewdrops, Summersalt, and Zubeen Garg. It's going to be fun, and know how we know this With great music, in Meghalaya you have the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful landscape and even lovelier weather. You have the option of pitching your own tent or book accommodation with Discover Northeast's Camp Zingaros, Highwinds Pine Yard , Camp Finderbridge, HillTribe Adventures, and Encamp Adventures (call 9643182259 for booking

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If you plan to stay in Shillong then you will require shuttle service which can be booked here.

For first-timers in Meghalaya, here are some places, we think, you should not miss. Also, we think two days of festival will leave you in need of detox. What better than nature at its best

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Also known as Mawsmai Falls, Seven Sisters Waterfalls is located in East Khasi Hills district and at a height of 1,033 ft is easily one of the tallest waterfalls in India. During monsoon, the seven-segmented waterfall is a spectacular sight to behold. Locally it is also called Nohsngithiang Falls.

Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls, located near Cherrapunji is one of the most visited places in the state of Meghalaya and according to legends, has a sad and troubled story behind it (read the story here). Nohkalikai is India's tallest plunge waterfall at 1115 ft. During and post monsoon is the best time to visit the falls but keep in mind that you are in one of the wettest places on earth. So sometimes visibility may be a challenge due to sudden mist.

Shillong Peak and Elephant Falls

Shillong Peak or Shillong View Point at 1965m gives a panoramic view of the city down below. Located 10 km outside the city, Shillong Peak is a popular tourist destination and for all good reasons. The view is great, the air is crisp and nearby is another beautiful tourist spot&mdashElephant Falls. few kilometres away from Shillong Peak, the Elephant Falls is great during and post monsoon. There is a long but comfortable flight of stairs from the top to the bottom of the falls, again, perfect photo ops. The walk up and down the falls is pretty because all around you will find rhododendron forests in full bloom.


A shout out to all adventure junkies You need to think twice before leaving Meghalaya without exploring the caves that has put the state in every caving enthusiast's bucket list. Yes, Meghalaya's caves are spectacular but calling them just that does not justify the fact that these caves gave the world Meghalayan Age, an entire geological age. Krem Mawmluh and Krem Puri deserves a visit. Read here for more things about caving.


A little village in the East Khasi Hills district, Mawlynnong made headlines years ago for being the cleanest village in Asia. The village still continues to do so. A responsible village that it is, Mawlynnong makes full use of nature, community is fully aware of the importance of cleanliness, rainwater harvesting and the ban on polythene. It's a good thing to be woke, isn't it Experience the lovely idyllic life of the village of Mawlynnong. And while you are at it, do explore the neighbouring localties for the very popular living root bridges of Meghalaya. They are found in plenty of places in East Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills.


Dawki is located 70 km away from Shillong and here you will find Dawki Integrated Check Poston Dawki-Tamabil road, or in short, India and Bangladesh border. But this is not the attraction here, what you need to see is the crystal clear Dawki River, also known as Umngot River. Now will be the perfect time to visit Dawki as the river will be at its transparent best. You must have seen pictures of boats that seems to be suspended mid-air. All in Dawki, and you can experience it all yourself.

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