All About The Majuli Music Festival

Camp under the stars, immerse yourself in the music, sample the region's traditional wine and food, go for village walks, and more
All About The Majuli Music Festival
All About The Majuli Music Festival

In the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra river is India&rsquos largest river island, Majuli. This fascinating landmass used to be significantly larger at 1,250sq km but the fury of the Brahmaputra has whittled it down to something merely over 350sq km. The culture here is unique. Apart from lush green forest and beautiful beaches, the island is also a stronghold of a line of neo-Vaishnavism&mdasha legacy of the 15th-century saint-scholar Srimanta Sankardeva. The area still has many &lsquosatras&rsquo that are monasteries as well as repositories of art.

Every November, the place hosts the three-day Majuli Music Festival which has so far completed two editions in 2019 and 2021.

The event comprises live music performances by 30 independent artists from different parts of India. Apart form that there will be art and culture exchanges, exhibitions, and the region's traditional wine and food of the indigenous people. You can camp under the stars, connect with nature, and go birding, fishing, boating, and end the days with gorgeous island sunsets. The festival promotes rural ecotourism and brings sustainability to village entrepreneurs.

The festival has grown significantly in stature since its start. The first two iterations of the event featured performances by renowned music groups and artists such as Chai Met Toast (Kerala), Rain in Sahara (Assam, Spain), Alobo Naga (Nagaland), Sankuraj Konwar (Assam), and Trance Effect (Nagaland).

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Things To Do In Majuli

Capturing the essence of the Assamese culture perfectly, the lifestyle of the island is extremely modest and simplistic. The major attractions here are the monastery-like satras that you can explore. 

Another thing to do here is to go on walks through the small villages on the island. Most of the villagers practice weaving, farming and fishing. Boat-making, pottery and handloom are other common activities. Muga silk, which is only found in Assam, is used generously in the clothes made here.

Most houses in the villages are surrounded by a small water body and require a small dinghy to carry people to and from the houses to the main road. A stray boat, awaiting its passenger is a very common sight on the side of the road. Also much to the delight of birdwatchers, many rare and endangered avian species can be found around here like the adjutant stork, pelican and the whistling teal.

Getting There

The third edition of the Majuli Music Festival will be held from November 25 to 27, 2022, at the bank of the Kherkatia river in Jengrai Chapri village. Majuli is accessed by ferry from Jorhat, which is about 22km/1 hr away.

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