A Holi Like No Other

IBTIDA - Ek Mehfil is dedicated to preserving and promoting India's rich cultural heritage
Seth performing at Gul
Seth performing at Gul

India's tapestry of cultures and communities is widely acknowledged, but even across vast distances, one encounters an astounding diversity of customs, traditions, and rituals unique to this land. One such spectacle is the Phoolon ki Holi, also known as the Holi of Flowers, an enchanting affair held for a single day at the Bankey Bihari Temple in Mathura, a city steeped in mythology and located in the Braj region.

A few years ago, the Phoolon Ki Holi of Mathura found its way to Delhi as 'Gul,' a unique celebration of Holi that combines music, art, and culture.

'Gul' is a unique and extraordinary initiative by IBTIDA - Ek Mehfil that celebrates the timeless traditions of India through enchanting experiences. The event is designed to evoke mysticism and soul-stirring emotions that bring people together. The Phoolon Ki Holi-themed 'Gul' was celebrated on March 5 at Amaara Farms, New Delhi. The evening was made magical by the soulful melodies of the award-winning artist and playback singer Kavita Seth and the folk fusion DJ set by musician Hamza Rahimtula.

According to Tanvi Singh Bhatia, co-founder of IBTIDA, "Gul - Phoolon ki Holi has been thoughtfully curated with the traditional practice of playing Holi with flowers in mind, without using artificial colours or water. The event allows guests to celebrate Holi, a festival of colours, in a way deeply rooted in art and culture. To make this celebration genuinely remarkable, IBTIDA collaborated with brands and artists who embody the essence of Indian culture, with the ultimate goal of reviving the true spirit of Holi and celebrating the enchantment of Indian heritage."

A Confluence Of Art And Culture
"Gul" is an exceptional Holi celebration that solely relies on flowers to create a mehfil experience, complemented by art, music, and culture, producing an enchanting and soulful event. IBTIDA is dedicated to preserving age-old traditions and keeping their essence alive for modern audiences. This endeavour provides a platform that promotes art, celebrates stories, and connects artists and personalities from art and culture to a broader audience.

Strong Message Of Sustainability
The event gave attendees a memorable evening that transported them back in time through an immersive showcase of India's rich cultural legacy. Additionally, it delivered a powerful message of sustainability. All the flowers used during the event were procured from temples and creatively repurposed, ensuring an eco-friendly celebration. The evening brought together a diverse group of artists, cultural figures, musicians, and young, innovative Made in India brands, fostering an electric atmosphere.

The Story So Far
IBTIDA - Ek Mehfil is dedicated to preserving and promoting India's rich cultural heritage. Co-founders and curators Bhatia and Anubhav Jain established this heartfelt endeavour to revive the tradition of Mehfils in modern-day India. These events are a fusion of music, poetry, and art, a confluence of thoughts, stories, and melodies that showcase the work of Indian artists with the ultimate goal of reviving the old-world charm.

Bhatia and Jain consider themselves cultural revivalists and established IBTIDA - Ek Mehfil in 2019 as a platform to support underserved "Make in India" brands, classical artists, artisans, and historical sites that have brought the country global acclaim.

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