5 Things To Do in Hyderabad

Here's how you can enjoy the City of Pearls
5 Things To Do in Hyderabad

So much is said about the 400-year history of the city of Hyderabad that you might be forgiven for believing that this Deccan settlement appeared magically on a wild plateau four centuries ago. In fact, habitation in this region apparently goes back to more than 4,000 years. For the first time, Hyderabad&rsquos full archaeological history &mdash dating back to evidence from the megalithic period &mdash is accessible at the newly opened City Museum, an extension of the HEH Nizam&rsquos Museum in Purani Haveli. An initiative of the Nizam&rsquos Jubilee Pavilion Trust, this museum opened in March this year. Designed by Anuradha Naik, it uses pottery, coins, figurines, maps and photographs to trace the city&rsquos history and its various aspects trade, commerce, transport, education, architecture, cuisine and geography. An interactive touchscreen kiosk introduces the visitor to fifty of its mohallas. Just the thing needed to deepen our knowledge of this many-layered city (Rs 70 for adults, Rs 15 for children, from 11am-8pm)

5 things to do in Hyderabad

1. Golconda Devote a morning to this magnificent 11sq km fort, or better still, make a day of it by including the impressive sound-and-light show in the evening.

2. Lamakaan An &lsquoinclusive&rsquo cultural space, Lamakaan (lamakaan.com) is a favourite with new Hyderabad. Catch an event to feel its vibe, or try the simple, authentic Hyderabadi lunches khatti daal, keema and anda bhurji.

3. Rock walk The amazing rock formations of the Deccan are about 2,500 million years old. Go walkabout with the Society to Save Rocks (saverocks.org) third Sunday every month.

4. Charminar's Laad Bazaar In the Charminar area, is one oriental bazaar you must not miss. Shop for bangles, wedding accessories and an unimaginable assortment of embellishments.

5. Biryani There&rsquos a constantly evolving Top Ten list for the best biryani in Hyderabad but you can&rsquot go wrong with Paradise (paradisefood court.com)

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