5 Feminist Bookstores Around The World

These bookstores are dedicated to showcasing the literary works of women and non-binary writers
Feminist bookstores showcase the works of women writers               Photo credit Francesca Schiopca/Shutterstock
Feminist bookstores showcase the works of women writers Photo credit Francesca Schiopca/Shutterstock

Female writers have traditionally received less attention. That is an established fact. As an example, did you know that Sylvia Plath and Charlotte Bronte, two very successful female writers, were not given obituaries in the newspaper because the editors (men) believed they weren't important enough In order to have their writings recognised seriously, several women have adopted male pen identities.

This is where feminist bookstores come in. These are spaces which showcase the works of women writers, and where people seek out marginalised voices on bookshelves. In fact, lately, this need seems to be&nbspan increased appetite for feminist bookshops, fuelled, perhaps, by recent socio-political movements. Here are five feminist bookstores around the world to bookmark for your travels.

U-T&oacutepicas, Mexico City

This cosy bookstore exists in Coyoac&aacuten, the neighborhood where Frida Kahlo was born and lived. Besides being a bookstore, it is a space that showcases handicrafts and art made by women. Several events are held through the year, from workshops to discussions and readings which enable the creation and dissemination of feminism.

AddressAguayo 37-Planta alta, Del Carmen, Coyoac&aacuten, 04100 Ciudad de M&eacutexico, CDMX, Mexico

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Charis Books And More, Georgia

This store is known as the South's oldest independent feminist bookstore. It is known to celebrate radical and independent voices in the heart of the South since 1974. They specialise in diverse and unique children's books, feminist, and cultural studies books, books on anti-racism and ending white supremacy, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer fiction and non-fiction. 

Address 184 S Candler St, Decatur, GA 30030, United States

Zubaan Books, New Delhi

Though not a bookstore, Zubaan Books is an independent feminist publishing house in New Delhi, India. They used to also showcase their books in the Shahpur Jat space, but during the pandemic it was shut down. Zubaan Books is an imprint of Kali for Women, India's first feminist publishing house. They&nbsppublish fiction, nonfiction, academic, and children's books for, by and about women in South Asia. 

Address 128 B, First Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, Delhi 110049.

The Second Shelf, London

This tiny bookshop in a courtyard in Soho's sells rare books, and rediscovered works by women, modern first editions, and manuscripts. It opened in 2018, just before #MeToo broke. 

The stock of books here is small but endlessly fascinating. It is curated with a lot of thought first editions, Virago green spines, manuscripts that have never been published, and even Jane Austen&rsquos best friend&rsquos copy of Sense & Sensibility. 

Address&nbspAddress 14 Smith's Ct, London W1D 7DW, United Kingdom

Cafe con Libros, Brooklyn

Cafe con Libros (coffee with books) is an intersectional feminist community bookstore and coffee shop. They endeavour to "create a vibrant community space" through their choice of books, programming and great coffee.

Address&nbsp724 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11216

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