Germanys Musical Rendezvous

From traditional to groovy, Germanys musical taste is world renowned
An aerial shot of Semperoper Opera House in Saxony, Germany
An aerial shot of Semperoper Opera House in Saxony, Germany

Known for contributing some of the best talent to the world of music, Germany has made its name far and wide. Whether traditional or the new-age groovy, the country&rsquos music is cherished fondly across the globe. Apart from contributing to the world of music, Germany is also home to world class operas and music museums. The country houses state of the art music and concert halls to keep patrons engaged. Here are 4 places that should be on your list when in the country


Located in Dresden, Semperoper is one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. Coming alive as soon as the sun sets down, the opera house is now offering a variety of home concerts and video messages from their artists. In a unique bid, music lovers can gain insights into the home office of the ensemble members as well as the training routine of the Semperoper Ballet show. The opera house over the years has seen numerous famed artists charm the audience here.


Known as Hamburg&rsquos cultural landmark, Elbphilharmonie has continued to grab eyeballs all across the globe. Not just its magnificent structure but also its extensive concert calendar continues to delight music lovers from all walks of life. Elbphilharmonie&rsquos digital programs include streams, podcasts, guided tours and plenty of concerts along with children&rsquos programmes as well. And the best part They continue to expand their digital offerings constantly.

Beethoven House

The Beethoven-Haus in Bonn is the birthplace of Beethoven. Not only is it one of the 100 most popular sights in Germany, but also one of the most frequented music museums worldwide. Apart from its musical offerings, the museum provides the lovers of music, a new approach to experiencing Beethoven as an artist and a fellow human being in a modern, inspiring and exciting way. Amid its digital offerings, the museum created 25 online exhibitions along with a 360-degree for its distant audience. 

Bavarian State Opera

One of the world&rsquos leading opera houses, the Bavarian State Opera is known for standing on the pillars of tradition, continuity and repertoire. It looks back over a cultural history spanning across over 350 years and is known for one of the most varied programs in the world&mdashincluding 30 operas and more than 20 ballets within the space of one season. It&rsquos repertoire includes one of the most diverse performances amid all international opera houses owing to the fact that it comprises works from several centuries. 

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