The Rise Of Agri-Tourism And Where You Can Experience It

This growing trend has taken over the minds of many travellers seeking a unique and refreshing experience. Here's all about it
A farm in Punjab
A farm in Punjab
Many trends have emerged in the tourism industry that has shifted the needle towards sustainability and empowerment of the local communities. One such trend is that of Agri-tourism, which has seen an immense rise in India. A direct result of this has been the popularity of farmstays as a unique holiday experience&ndashmany rural areas that may have never made it to a traveller's itinerary before have found a place. These kinds of stays, where travellers immerse themselves in the village life and see the behind-the-scenes of cultivating what goes on our plate, have cropped up in many regions across India.  
For The Good
For somebody hailing from a city, farmstays open doors to a way of life they've never known&ndashprobably why the trend has grabbed much attention. But that's not all. There are many reasons why Agri-tourism's growing popularity casts a positive light on our future. As we all know, despite our absolute dependence on the agricultural sector, the industry has faced some worrying realities. With people finally paying attention, even through tourism, it can help alleviate many issues by generating more employment and scope for gain.  
A New Experience
Tourists also have much to benefit from. Such experiences are primarily economic&ndashfood, accommodation, and travel are incredibly cost-effective. But more than that, Agri-tourism is unique because it can widen your outlook&ndashthere is a lot one can learn from seeing how food is grown and meeting the ones who tirelessly commit themselves to put it on your table.  
Where To Go
Many destinations across India have embraced this trend wholeheartedly. From the North East to the South, their hinterlands have become a go-to place for many tourists trying to catch a break from the hectic city life. Kerala has some great options if you wish to lose yourself amid the lush coffee plantations and learn how spices are grown or where your morning cuppa originates from. But if that is not your choice of beverage, experience what goes behind making your cup of tea in the villages of Nagaland. You can also unleash the Bollywood fan in you in Punjab's sarson ke khet, colouring the state yellow in winter. 

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