McCluskieganj Jharkhand's Quaint Hamlet

Shreya Swaraj takes us through Jharkhands picturesque Anglo-Indian town of McCluskieganj amidst rolling hills and country roads
Roads of McCluskieganj Photo Credit Aditya Jha
Roads of McCluskieganj Photo Credit Aditya Jha

McCluskieganj is a small hilly town in Jharkhand located at a distance of about (64 km) northwest of the capital, Ranchi. It is one of the foremost tourist attractions of Jharkhand. The area has historic charm, rustic beauty, and natural wonders, making it a must-visit location and perfect for a weekend getaway. A trip to McCluskieganj is mostly about relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. Walking along the streets of this city will give you sights of many colonial houses with their interesting architecture. Some Anglo-Indian houses have now been converted into guest houses. Staying at old bungalows from the Raj era will be one of the best parts of a trip to McCluskieganj even though these bungalows are from Colonial times, they have been renovated to accommodate modern amenities.A trip to the small town is all about exploring the ruins of colonial houses in the lap of nature. Take a look at these unique spots in McCulskieganj.

Sarba Dharma Sthal

Sarba Dharma Sthal&rdquo in McCluskieganj is a unique place where different religions coexist. Within an open boundary, a temple, a mosque, a church and a Gurudwara have been constructed side by side, giving a clear message to the different faiths to live cohesively. Right next to Sarva Dharma Sthal is a place that the local villagers refer to as Sita Kund. This is a natural spring with a constant flow of freshwater fed by groundwater. There are ponds full of lotuses adding to the beauty of the place. Serenity and peace accentuated by glittering water, sparkling reflections, cool air, and breathtaking landscapes make McCluskieganj everything you have ever dreamt of. It is picture-perfect. 

Roads of McCluskieganj

Nature lends the perfect backdrop for photography. The most exciting part of a road trip is the journey. It allows you to bond over unfolding landscapes, music and food. Rejuvenate yourself as you drive through the jungles of&nbspMcCluskieganj, past the meadows and the thickly-forested hills.

Kuwarpaatra River Canyon

This is the same small stream that feeds Damodar. Up ahead, is the Duga Dugi river, but the landscape is very different. This place is like a mini Grand Canyon, but you need a guide to reach this spot. Be ready for a steep climb down precarious stairs. Tip avoid this place if you have difficulty walking.

Lord Shiva Temple

Jharkhand is a unique confluence of nature and spirituality. The symbol of this unique confluence is the ancient temple of Lord Shiva located on Chinatad mountain of McCluskiganj. When leaving McCluskieganj and travelling to Patratu, you can see the temple&rsquos stairs in the distance. These are so beautiful that they beckon you to climb them and reach the temple&rsquos summit. In the holy month of Shravan, many Shiva devotees visit the temple. It is always said that the real magic of McCluskieganj&nbspis seen in monsoon. You will see the ancient Shivling of Lord Shiva, which is quite mystical and alluring, as soon as you reach the top of the hill. The Shiva temple is approximately 66- 68 km from Ranchi and two to three km from the McCluskieganj market. 

McCluskieganj Church (St. John&rsquos Cathedral)

McCluskieganj is also called Mini London. This is because the British had bought this place from the royals of Chhota Nagpur in the last decades of their reign. At that time, about 500 families of the British had established their residence here in British India. Even after most left, a section of them lived here, mostly Anglo-Indians. At the same time, around 1940, St John&rsquos Cathedral, a Protestant chapel was established. You will find its walls decorated with murals. Most of the pieces of furniture visible in the church are from England. Since the chapel is located right in the heart of McCluskieganj, you will have no problem finding it. The church is located approximately 69 km from Ranchi headquarters and 5 km from McCluskieganj market. 

Chatti River

Nothing is more tranquil than taking in the scenery of the rivers. Chatti River, located in McCluskieganj, also leaves its unique mark on the tourism map. You can also call it the hidden beach of Jharkhand because the view here is no less than a picturesque Marine Drive. The shimmering river flows in half the area of the land, and the beautiful sand ground on the other half of the land. If you come here in the evening, you will see the shining and shimmering river. The way to get here is also exciting and scenic and full of greenery. The water currents of the river pass through many huge rocks, painting an ethereal view. Chatti River is approximately 68-70 km from Ranchi headquarters and 5-7 km from McCluskieganj market. 

Antique British&nbspBungalows

McCluskieganj is a place where history and time has stood still. McCluskieganj was the only refuge for the British in India after independence. When British rule was at its peak in Chhotanagpur, the British made a land deal here with the dynasties of Chhotanagpur and invited hundreds of families from England to come and settle here. The British came and built structures with typical colonial architecture. It is surprising that even after so many decades, the grandeur of the old bungalows of the British is still intact. Each bungalow has a well-built enclosure with gardens and wells. The windows here are reminiscent of old fairytales. And the many interesting doors will make you click many photos for posterity. You can see these ancient but well-preserved British bungalows in every part of McCluskiganj. Visit the picturesque hamlet to experience its enchanting charm.

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