Peek Inside The Jaipur Literature Festival 2007

The highlights of this annual fest included poetry readings by Jeet Thayil, talks by Salman Rushdie and theme discussions
Peek Inside The Jaipur Literature Festival 2007

Most of the sessions at the Jaipur Literature Festival, held between January 19-21, were free-flowing, not formally structured panels dealing with a specific theme event descriptions were usually not more elaborate than &lsquoSo-and-so author reads from her work and speaks with so-and-so&rsquo. This format had its good and bad points. It facilitated the informality the organisers were aiming for, but there were also murmurs of dissent from those who would have liked to see specific topics being discussed at length.

Highlights included poetry readings by Jeet Thayil, Keki Daruwala and Jane Bhandari at a session held in honour of the late Dom Moraes, Nissim Ezekiel and Arun Kolatkar, and a conversation between Suketu Mehta and William Dalrymple that touched on encounter killings, bar girls and gangsters with a proclivity for hotel showers. But the undoubted pi&rsquoece de r&rsquosistance was the Salman Rushdie talk, the audience for which prudently took its seats more than an hour in advance. Rushdie deftly fended off Barkha Dutt&rsquos questions about the politics of his writing and regaled the audience instead with a stream of anecdotes about an Egyptian maitre&rsquod who told him proudly that he had read that book (a reference to Satanic Verses) the genesis of his atheism as a youngster (&lsquoIn London I saw a church that was so ugly I realised it was an empty house- and I promptly rushed out to buy myself a ham sandwich) and his brief acting stint, which ended when it was decreed that the words pork and sex couldn&rsquot be said on Pakistani TV.

Of course, the sidelines were in place too bitching, backstabbing, canoodling-in short, all the things you&rsquod expect at a literary event packed with authors, publishers, agents and media persons.

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