Head To These European Villages On Your Next International Vacation

For a truly enriching experience, veer away from the bustling Prague and Amsterdam, and head to villages on the outskirts and enchant yourself with their picturesque charm
Representative image. Credit Unsplash
Representative image. Credit Unsplash

While beaches and islands make for an ideal international getaway, holidaying in an old European is equally rejuvenating. For a truly enriching experience, veer away from the energising vibe of famous European cities like Prague and Amsterdam, and head to villages on the outskirts to acquaint yourself with their picturesque charm and history. On your next trip to Europe, consider visiting these lesser-known towns and villages and experience a blend of beauty and culture

Reine, Norway

Located north of the Arctic Circle, Reine is a popular fishing village in the Lofoten archipelago. This region is renowned for its Nordic wilderness, characterized by mountains and fjords dotted with sapphire bays. The village itself boasts vibrant red fishermen's cabins, which have been transformed into cosy cottages for visitors. These accommodations provide direct access to the Norwegian Sea, offering a unique experience.

Tellaro, Italy

This coastal village in Liguria remains relatively untouched by the tourist influx that has affected other towns like Vernazza and Portofino. Located on cliffs, a network of winding roads and a small harbour have shielded Tellaro from excessive tourism. The village is a cluster of pastel-coloured buildings clinging precariously to the sheer cliffs. It is situated in the Golfo dei Poeti (Gulf of Poets), named after renowned poets and literary figures such as Lord Byron and D.H. Lawrence, who have sought inspiration in this tranquil Mediterranean haven.

Bibury, England

The Cotswold region, known for its rolling hills, is a designated "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" in southwestern England. Among its many villages, Bibury stands out for its timeless beauty. The village houses ancient stone cottages featuring steeply pitched roofs. The River Coln gracefully flows through the village, home to a thriving trout population. One of the most picturesque spots in Bibury is Arlington Row, a lane lined with 17th-century cottages showcasing a warm sepia hue. These cottages were built initially to accommodate weavers from the nearby Arlington Mill, adding to the village's historical significance.

Albarrac&iacuten, Spain

Albarrac&iacuten lies in the central Aragon region of Spain, a well-preserved village known for its medieval charm. As you wander through its narrow alleys and winding lanes, you'll encounter ancient stone towers, castles, and charming chapels. Dominating the skyline is a cathedral constructed in the Mud&eacutejar style, showcasing ornamental details inspired by Islamic art. 

Cong, Ireland

Situated on the border between County Mayo and County Galway, Cong is a scenic village characterized by serene lakes and lush green meadows. The village boasts a collection of stone bridges, remnants of a medieval abbey, and charming thatched-roof cottages. The area is also graced by Ashford Castle, a stately Victorian estate transformed into a luxurious hotel, offering an ideal retreat for romantic getaways. 

Guarda, Switzerland

The remote Alpine village of Guarda, located in the Lower Engadine region of eastern Switzerland, can be reached by a winding mountain road. This rugged area offers a more understated charm than its neighbouring Upper Engadine with its lavish ski resorts like St. Moritz. The village has houses featuring traditional paintings, intricately etched windows, and ancient inscriptions, which make for postcard-worthy captures.

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