Get All The Feels Of A Character From A K-Drama At Busan

The Running Man experience, a free BTS concert, a colourful Instagrammable culture village... several hidden gems can be found in the cable-knit streets and concealed in the enigmatic alleys of Busan
The skyline of Busan in South Korea at dusk
The skyline of Busan in South Korea at dusk

As an avid K-pop and K-drama fan, visiting iconic filming locations is one of your top priorities during your trip to Korea. You might not meet your favourite actors, but at least you can recreate your favourite scenes they&rsquore in. 

Busan, a vibrant city with a thriving art scene and beautiful beaches, provides much more than you might anticipate. The second-largest city in South Korea, this extraordinary location offers a breathtaking history of infamous landmarks, spectacular ruins, and peculiar street fare.

Sound Of Music

Let the music on your phone play as loud as you want. At the same time, imagine episode 126 of the Korean variety show&nbspRunning Man&nbspbeing filmed on the building's roof as the group members participate in contests and games with Choi Ji-woo, a famous guest at the Gamnae Community Center.

And to add to your fan moment, BTS will hold a free concert to promote their country at the World Expo 2030, focusing more on nature and culture. A free live performance titled "BTS in Busan" will be presented to 100,000 spectators at Gijang-Busan Gun's Ilgwang Special Stage. Additionally, 10,000 people will attend a live event called LIVE PLAY in the parking lot of the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal, where they may see the concert live on a big screen and "experience the dynamic moment of the concert." Additionally, Weverse, ZEPETO, and NAVER NOW will stream live shows for a virtual audience. Although the concert tickets are free, reservations are needed.

Your Busan Checklist

Pay a visit to Beomeosa Temple, which is spectacularly perched on the side of the Geumjeongsan mountain. Known for its beautiful forest surroundings, you can take a hike up to the temple and delight in the spiritual atmosphere and well-kept gardens. The picturesque mountainside setting is a bonus. especially in the spring when the wisteria blooms. The complex of temples, erected in 678 CE, was destroyed by the Japanese invasions but rebuilt again later.

If you want to see and experience modern Korean art, you must check out the Busan Museum of Art, which has five levels with exhibition spaces, classrooms, and archives. Outside the building is an intriguing sculpture park.

Your next stop should be Haedong Yonggungsa, perched against the rugged coastline with panoramic sea vistas. It is a unique instance of the country's beachfront mediaeval architecture. Peel off towards the direction of the water to obtain a panoramic view from the rocky vantage point, where you can hear the waves pounding against the shore and feel the wind blowing.

Busan Tower, a 120-meter-tall renowned landmark built in 1973, has a modest cafe and an observation deck with breathtaking views. There are two museums the Exhibition Hall of World Model Boats and the Museum of World Folk Instruments.

Eating Out

Every time Busan, the port city of Korea, is mentioned, the sea breeze and fresh seafood come to mind. In particular, look for seafood like grilled shrimp and squid, as well as fish cakes. Also try&nbsptteokbokki, also known as spicy rice cake, is a traditional Korean cuisine adapted from the tteok-jjima royal dish. It comprises thinly sliced white rice cakes, pork, eggs, onions, and specific seasonings it is then served with sesame and hot Korean chilli before being grilled. Due to its distinctive red and orange colouring, Korean street food is considered the best. This meal is easily accessible in grocery stores or on street carts around the streets.

Getting There

Your flight will land at Gimhae International Airport, Korea's third-most major airport, if you travel from countries like Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This airport in Busan is the hub for international flights from Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Japan, and other countries. Take a cab or rent a car to get to the city from the airport. All major metro cities in India have direct or connecting flights to Incheon International Airport, near Seoul. It is just an hour away by bus from Incheon, South Korea's third-largest port city. Because Asiana Air offers direct flights, New Delhi, India's capital, has the quickest trip time to South Korea.

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