5 Unique Things To Do In Geneva

Geneva is situated at the Rhne River's confluence with the southwest corner of Lake Geneva
Panoramic view of Geneva Lake. Credit Shutterstock
Panoramic view of Geneva Lake. Credit Shutterstock

Home to beautiful and hidden gems, Geneva is the first city that comes to mind when thinking of Switzerland. The country's second most-populous city, Geneva is home to 82 buildings or sites listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance. In addition to popular spots like Cath&eacutedrale de Saint-Pierre, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva offers many other offbeat activities for travellers. Here are five unique things you could do in Geneva.

Cruise Around Lake Geneva
There is no better way to start your day&nbspthan simply admiring the stunning cityscape from its most well-known location, i.e. Lake Geneva. Take a ride on one of the boats and let the scenery sink in. There are very few places&nbspapart from Lake Geneva where you can access everything the city offers. Les mouettes, the yellow taxi boats dotted throughout Lake Geneva, must be experienced. You may use them for free with a Geneva transport card because they are a part of the public transit network.

Visit The Old Town
Without a doubt, the Old Town is Geneva's soul. It features cobblestone streets, expansive city squares, museums, and cathedrals, among other cultural elements. It won't be an exaggeration to say that it's a spot where being lost would be a fortunate accident, and not having a map would make the journey more enjoyable. You will&nbsphave a good time whether you eat anything in the Old Town or wander the streets and see the traces of the past.

Shop At Marché de Plainpalais

Switzerland is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and high price tags, which also applies to Geneva. However, if you like shopping and are monitoring your money in Geneva, there is a spot where you may do so. The largest farmer's market in the city, Plainpalais, has almost everything. You can decide to nibble on organic foods while selecting from a selection of used goods.

Pro tip You must be in the city on a Wednesday, a Saturday, or the first Sunday of the month since that is when Plainpalais is organised.

Freshen Up the Day At Bains des P&acircquis
Walk down Quai du Mont Blanc until you arrive at Geneva's Bains des P&acircquis, a great place to unwind during the hot summer. This location is also a warm host on chilly days, making it a year-round favourite for both residents and visitors. While tanning, you may treat yourself to delicious Swiss fondue and beverages. Alternatively, saunas and Turkish must be tried.

Try The Cable Cars
You don't need a cable car to go to the summit of Mont Sal&egraveve, but you still wouldn't want to miss it. &nbspIf you are up for it, you may either trek your way up or ride a cable car.&nbspYou can expect a breathtaking view of Geneva either way.

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