5 Off-Roading Trails Near Delhi For A Thrilling Drive

If you like taking the road less travelled and champion unpaved paths, then off-roading is the adventure you are made for. Head to these off-roading trails and zones near Delhi NCR the next you crave a serious adrenaline rush
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If you like taking the road less travelled and champion unpaved paths, then off-roading is the adventure you are made for. While it is thrilling to go off-roading into the dense canopied forests or across the rough trails snaking through deserted areas, there are some spots nearby across Delhi NCR, promising you the adrenaline rush the activity is so loved for. If you have been waiting to take over the wheels and get going, here are some off-roading trails and adventure zones Delhiites can head to.

Off-road Adventure Zone

Vikramjeet Singh started this place to make the thrill of off-roading more accessible and within reach. Located on the Gurugram-Faridabad highway, it is the ideal stop for the adventure-junkies and 4x4 off-road enthusiasts. The track has 25 obstacles and has extreme angles, slush pits, rocks, water wading etc. They are open from 6 am to 10 pm. 

Summer Sprint

Set amongst the wilderness and in the forest, this 18 km track is ideal for bikers looking for an off-roading experience in muddy terrain. It is located right next to the toll on the Gurugram-Faridabad highway, and since it is in a forested area, you can expect weak signals and natural roads. The track is around 18 kilometres long (36 kilometres round trip) and is ideal for off-road biking. Remember that there are no specific routes as the tracks are located in forested areas.

Mangar Bani

This place is located in the forests of Mangar Valley and is characterized by its hilly and risky terrain and winds. It is an ideal location for off-roading mountain bikers and guarantees its tourists an adventure of a lifetime. Apart from this, you can also explore surrounding places in this valley, like the Mangar village and interact with the locals, who will give you deeper insights into humans&rsquo connection with nature. There is also a 56-kilometre cyclotron event organized each year.

Aravali Hills

The Aravali hills stretching from Gurugram up to Rajasthan are also dream locations for cyclists as they have enough uphill and downhill slopes. Since it is as tough to cover this terrain as it is adventurous, proper safety gear and experience are necessary to make the most of it.

Lost Lake Trail

This off-roading trail is also located near Gurugram and Damdama. It is characterized by hilly, muddy pushy terrains suited for bikers. Be prepared to find your way and even face some thrilling difficulties as it gets tricky, especially in the monsoon. The 16.9-km loop is moderately challenging and typically takes around 4 hours and 4 minutes to complete.

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