8 Wholesome Experiences This Winter That Will Cost You Nothing

The capital city never fails to surprise us
Here is all that you can do in the capital city for free
Here is all that you can do in the capital city for free

The capital city is all about experiences. And each one of us whose ever been to Delhi will strongly testify to the fact that there is something that connects you to the city. As winter is gradually retreating and comfortably warm and sunny afternoons are back, here are 6 things that you can experience in Dilwalo ki Dilli, that cost absolutely nothing 

Changing of Guards Ceremony
Apart from being a cultural hub, Delhi is also the political hub with various major events taking place from time to time. And inc are you wish to witness unfathomable discipline, courage and patriotism in a pure form head to the Rashtrapati Bhavan on the weekends to witness the changing of guards ceremony. This regiment is also the senior most regiment of the Indian Army and the origins of this traditions hold strong ties to antiquity. The ceremony &mdash held every Saturday &mdash has now also been revamped and relocated for an easier public access and requires only a valid photo ID card. 

Mesmerising Qawwali

Nothing speaks spirituality louder than qawwali nights at the Hazrat Nizzamuddin Dargah in Delhi. With crowds gathered around and the air around the open courtyard &mdash where the qawwali takes places &mdash filled with reverberations, one is sure to be transported to another world. And if you&rsquore going for the first time, you are in for an experience for a lifetime. Taking place every Thursday, you&rsquoll find people here from all walks of life.

Film Screenings 
If you&rsquore a fan of the movies and believe in expanding your horizon in almost all languages then you&rsquore in for a treat in the capital city. While the theatres might cost you a bomb, institutes such as Alliance Francaise hold regular film screening, in partnership with the French Embassy in India. The screenings take place on Tuesdays at 10am and on Thursdays at 630pm in the M.L. Bhartia auditorium. These films are based on various themes and you can always check what movie is screening, well in advance. 

Trail a Forest

While one might consistently hear of the soaring pollution here, the city does have its fair share of green cover, that one can find out spread across in small pockets. If you&rsquore the not the one to shy away from long leisurely walks, then trailing the Jahanpanah Forest or the Sanjay Van is great idea. Layered with tranquility and a lush green cover, both these places offer respite like no other. 

Walk Around an Art District
While the city on the outside may seem less walk-friendly, the residents can guarantee plenty of walking spaces here. And if you&rsquore in for some visual delight along with a casual stroll, check out the Lodhi Art district. With a newer street every few months, even the residents go for repetitive walks. While here, you can also check out the nearby hole in the wall eateries that are going to be as light as breeze on your pocket, in the Meherchand market, serving some lip smacking food.

Head out for a Picnic

We&rsquod all collectively agree that picnics were great way to spend the Sundays until a few years back. And now with the fast paced life that we&rsquore leading, simple joys like Sunday picnics are the perfect way to snooze out for the afternoon. Whether you decide to engage in some light sports, cosy up with a book or simply soak the sun while listening to some music, it&rsquos all going to be worthwhile.

Go on a Reading Spree
If you&rsquove always been labelled a bookworm or a voracious reader, then the multiple libraries in Delhi are your escape within the city limits. With abundant reading material across genres, Delhi&rsquos libraries are a maze that a reader would love to get lost in. Right from the public library in Old Delhi to the Archeological Survey of India&rsquos library in Central Delhi, there is enough material for one to read in a lifetime. And all you need is a valid photo id card to access the same.

Venture Out for Photo Walks

The extremely cosmopolitan city is layered with very nuanced history and what better way to spend a day capturing the same Right from tourist-y stops like Humayun&rsquos Tomb and Safdarjung&rsquos Tomb to the less frequented ones like the Ghalib ki Haveli, the city is treasure trove. All you need is smart phone or a camera and you are all set.

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