5 Must Visit Architectural Marvels in Germany

Get a sneak peek into Germanys past and its culturally rich present with these architectural marvels in the country
The sun rising in the backdrop of the Berlin Reichstag Building
The sun rising in the backdrop of the Berlin Reichstag Building

Germany&rsquos affair with art and architecture and history and culture is not unknown. While many places across the country exemplify the same, there are some that stand out owing to their cultural, traditional and historical value. Giving travellers an insight into the country&rsquos past and its culturally rich present, there are several architectural marvels in Germany. Spread across the length and breadth of the country, here are 5 architectural marvels that you should visit on your next German vacay

Oldenburg Castle and State Museum

If stepping back in time and walking in the footsteps of earls and dukes has always been on your mind, then there is no perfect place than the Oldenburg Castle and State Museum. The castle complex of the medieval Oldenburg is now home to the Oldenburg State Museum. While here you can witness the history of art and culture of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, unfolding. If travellers dig a little deeper they can also witness and gain interesting insights into the magnificent halls and salons of the castle. 

St. Mary&rsquos Cathedral Hildesheim

Being the second Unesco World Heritage Site in the Northern German city of Hildesheim, the St. Mary&rsquos Cathedral has been on the list since 1985. Known for its spellbinding art treasures, the cathedral&rsquos museum is home to an exceptional selection of items illustrating the history of the cathedral. Not only that, the exhibit also includes the valuable cathedral treasury, which is also a part of the Unesco world heritage. Not just its interiors but also the cathedral&rsquos exterior are truly a sight to behold.

Old Town Frankfurt

Frankfurt in Germany is not unheard of. While Hesse&rsquos largest city may exude a contemporary vibe, it also holds secrets in its nooks and crannies in the old part of the town. Home to Emperor&rsquos Cathedral and Roemer City Hall, the old town of Frankfurt is steeped in history and tradition, complimented by stunning architecture. The reconstructed &lsquonew old town&rsquo is also an archeological site with remnants of Frankfurt&rsquos very first settlements.

Speicherstadt in Hamburg

Speicherstadt or the warehouse city was built into the Elbe river between 1883 and the late 1920s on thousands of oak poles. Built as a free economic zone in Hamburg&rsquos port it is the world&rsquos largest complex of warehouses. In terms of architecture, what binds the gaze of the travellers is the stark difference between Speicherstadt and its neighbouring HafenCity&mdashthe former known for its Neo-gothic brick architecture and the latter spotting a modern steel and glass construction.  

Berlin Reichstag Building

Apart from being the seat of the German Bundestag, the Reichstag is also one of Berlin&rsquos Top 10 attractions. This famous and historic government building sees plenty of travellers throughout the year. Situated near the south bank of the Spree River, the building stands out in terms of its architecture with the fascinating glass dome on top giving a 360 degree view of the surrounding city of Berlin. This Neo-Renaissance building is a testament to Germany&rsquos longstanding history and is now a very prominent tourist attraction. 

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