Top 10 beaches of Andhra Pradesh

Explore the beaches of Andhra Pradesh before they become too crowded
Top 10 beaches of Andhra Pradesh

This beach in the Srikakulam district is situated near the confluence of the Mahendra Tanaya river and the Bay of Bengal sea. Do not miss the sunrise and sunset moments. There is also a lighthouse here and a few old temples here. Not far from Sompeta town, it is not much known beyond the state. You can approach Baruva from Brahmapur (70km away) in neighbouring Odisha.

Popularly known as Bheemili, this is a town with many historical associations. The town lies at the confluence of the Gosthani River with the Bay of Bengal. Only 20km from Vishakhapatnam city (Vizag), it is a sprawling lonely beach. Carry drinking water and snacks.

About 75km away from Vijaywada, and near Machilipatnam town, this is one of the popular beaches of Andhra Pradesh and can be quite crowded during holidays. In the morning, you can watch the fishermen bringing in their catch from the sea. Bathing in the sea is discouraged after the beach was devastated during the 2004 tsunami. Chilakalapudi village near the beach is known for its imitation jewellery business.

Located about 25km away from Nellore city, Mypadu beach is one Andhra&rsquos most picturesque beaches. The tree-lined golden sandy beach slips into the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal sea. Bask in the sun or bathe in the sea or take walk along the beach round up your visit with a snack break at the beachside stalls. The speedboats are the newest addition.

Ramakrishna Beach
Located on the seaward end of Vizag city, this is one of the most popular and hence crowded beaches of the state. It takes its name from the Ramakrishna Mission and the Kali Temple across the road from the beach. The food vendors are almost all over the beach. Part of the beach is rocky and one has to be careful here. The rock jutting into the sea at a distance is called the Dolphin&rsquos Nose because of its shape.

Located on the outskirts of Vishakhapatnam, about 8km away from the main city, beach is also very popular and junk piles are not uncommon. The state tourism is promoting water sports activities here. Besides taking a ride in the speedboats, you can water ski, windsurf, etc. Since this beach is a little away from town, most visitors leave by late evening.

Located in Guntur district, near Bapatla (50km away from Guntur city), this little known beach is not yet on the regular tourist circuit though local people flock to the beach during weekends.

Shaded by palm groves, the beach dips into the gentle sea. The beach is located near Kavali town in Nellore district. Local people come for a dip especially during Karthika pournami and other religious festivals.

One of the lesser known beaches, it is located about 5km away from Kakinada town. Apart from the sprawling beach, the nearby parks and eateries make this place a popular family getaway. Go swimming or join the local people playing cricket or football on the beach.

Nearly 6km away from Chirala (100km from Vijaywada), this beach is not much known beyond the state. Walk through the coconut groves to reach the yellow sand beach. Catch the sunrise or the sunset at the beach. The beach lies at the edge of a fishing village. During early morning and evening, as the fishing boats come in with their catch, the beach becomes noisy as people unload the fish, auction them and the fish are carried away by the buyers. Some of the fishing boats can also take you on a jaunty ride in the sea negotiate the rate first.

Also near Kakinada town, the beach has been renamed as NTR Beach. Besides enjoying the uncrowded beach, you can also explore the mangrove forest here. The annual Kakinada Beach Festival is also held here.

Located about 15km away from Vizag town, this lonely beach is best visited on weekends when there are local visitors around. Apparently this is a private beach and you have to pay an entry fee. Arrange for transport as this is an off route destination. According to latest visitor reports, the road to Yarada is bad in patches.

Information Andhra Pradesh Tourism is operating tourist lodges at most of the beaches. While the state&rsquos coastline is picturesque, you may find the beachside towns lacking in tourist infrastructure and entertainment.

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