5 Offbeat Islands You Must Include In Your Thailand Tour

Thailand offers various destinations outside of the busy Bangkok city where travellers can relax to the sound of ocean waves and swaying palm trees. Below are our top five recommendations you should include in your Thailand tour
Unwind at offbeat islands
Unwind at offbeat islands Canva

Away from the bustling cities of Bangkok, Thailand unpacks an array of destinations where you can unwind to the sound of gushing waves and swaying palm trees. While this description may conjure up images of the picturesque shores of Phi Phi and Koh Samui Islands, there are several offbeat ones you can escape to. The best part is that it has everything that makes Thailand an enchanting destination, such as its delicious cuisine and warm hospitality. It couples it with the solitude reminiscent of more secluded vacation spots like Seychelles. While these lesser-known island spots in Thailand may not be as expensive as a holiday to other island getaways, they measure up just as well when you compare their beauty. Here are some lesser-known gems to include in your Thailand tour:

Make Your Way To These Islands On Your Thailand Tour

Koh Lipe

Located in Thailand's deep south and not very far from Langkawi in Malaysia, Koh Lipe seems paradisical with its turquoise water and numerous white sand beaches. While Phuket and Ko Samui are fantastic, go the unusual route and add Koh Lipe to your Thailand tour. On this tiny tropical island, apart from unwinding or trying your hand at water sports across Sunrise, Sunset and Pattaya beaches, you can also acquaint yourself with the gems of marine life at Koh Lipe Marine Park—an incredibly enticing activity for the little ones. While you can choose to spend time on the island, you also have the option to explore nearby islands, such as Koh Adang and Koh Rawi. 

Try various watersport activities
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Other than that, Koh Lipe also has enough options for the party-goers. The bars that throng the beaches are great places to grab a drink at golden hour. And as dusk gives way to night, make your way to the Walking Street set up by locals on the stretch between Sunset and Pattaya Beach. Here, you can shop for pretty dresses, satiate your street food cravings, and wash them down with beers at one of the local bars. 

How to reach: Make your way to Pak Bara Brier from Krabi by road. From there, Koh Lipe is a 2-hour ferry ride away. 

Koh Yao Noi

This remote island is perfect for enjoying the relaxed vacation vibes and immersing yourself in the local culture. Koh Yao Noi is not just flanked by pristine beaches but also a dense and rich mangrove forest teeming with diverse wildlife. Therefore, from a full day of leisure, you can easily slip into the shoes of an avid wildlife lover. If you keep a keen interest in immersing yourself in the region's local culture, this remote island sets another benchmark with its advent of community tourism. While you are here, apart from sunbathing on one of the many beautiful beaches (especially Potsai, Pasai and Long beaches), you can interact with the locals in the surrounding fishing villages and get to know their local way of life. For a more happening feel, head to the Tha Khao Pier area to experience the local markets, restaurants and shops. If you want to venture further, take a ferry or a speedboat to popular nearby islands, such as Phang Nga Bay and its best-known James Bond Island. 

How to reach: You can take a speed boat ferry from Bang Rong Pier in Phuket to Tha Manok Pier on Koh Yao Noi.

Koh Chang

The sleepy island in Thailand's Trat Province must be on your list if you are searching for a lazy vacation spot where you begin your days with the sound of the waves and end it with a drink by the beach. On your trip here, you don't need to occupy yourself with much other than to make your way from one beautiful beach to the next. The White Sand, Lonely, and Klong Kloi Beach are the most popular on this quiet island. If you want a break from staring at the azure waters all day, you can go hiking through the rainforest and visit waterfalls like Klong Plu and Klong Neung. And if you want to try something more than snorkelling, go zip-lining to see where this island gets its name. Koh Chang translates to "elephant head" when seen from an aerial vantage point, it totally makes sense. 

White sand beaches at Koh Chang
White sand beaches at Koh ChangShutterstock.com

How to reach Take a flight from Bangkok to Trat Airport. From there, make your way to the ferry terminal to board a ride to the island.

Koh Mak

Not very far from Koh Chang, Koh Mak is another secluded spot with even fewer things to do and abundant reasons to let your hair down. On this island, sunbathe on the unspoilt shores of Ao Kao and Ao Suan Yai beaches. And when you need a break, hop on a bike and trail the scenic roads meandering through rubber and coconut plantations. 

With so much delicious Thai cuisine to relish at its beachside bars, you will barely feel a minute pass by, but if you do, you can also make your way to the nearby island of Koh Kham for a day trip. 

How to reach: To reach the island, start by taking a flight from Bangkok to Trat Airport. Once you arrive, head to the ferry terminal to catch a ride to the island.

Koh Kood 

The lush greenery of Koh Kood
The lush greenery of Koh KoodShutterstock.com

After Koh Chang and Koh Mak, make your way to Koh Kood for the perfect beach finale. With white sand beaches like Klong Chao, Bang Bao and Ta Pho, the island puts forward numerous spots where you can take in the fresh ocean breeze. Apart from the shores, you can explore many secret waterfalls, such as the Klong Chao and Huang Nam Keaw or the hidden bays on a boat tour. The fishing village Ao Salat is another excellent spot to treat yourself to smacking Thai cuisine. But what truly sets apart this quaint island is Klong Hin Beach, where you can see bioluminescent plankton glow in the water at night. 

How to reach: The route to Koh Kood is similar to Koh Chang and Koh Mak.  

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