Rediscover the Magic of Travelling With MakeMyTrips 'Wowsome' Booking Plans

Your BFF cancelled the Goa plan again Last minute work emergency Unsure of the destination No matter the problem, with MakeMyTrips super flexible and smart booking options, #JoHogaWowHoga
Make My Trip offers hassle free bookings for all your trips
Make My Trip offers hassle free bookings for all your trips

Avid traveller, Alia couldn&rsquot wait to kick-off her long-awaited trip with her GFFs to a pristine mountain getaway in Himachal. As far as she was concerned, the trip was (mostly) on track. The calendar had been cleared, her gang had her leaves approved, and the bunch had even done their respective pre-holiday shopping. But as it so often happens, things don&rsquot always go according to plan. A potentially important meeting of Alia with her business partner meant that the gang had to cancel all plans (well the trip was meant for all and everyone had to be there). Result Flight tickets were un-booked and unfortunately, Alia couldn&rsquot commit to a new date either. The uncertainty got Alia and the gang worried whether the homestay they had booked would refund their money or not.

&nbspWell, we&rsquove all been in Alia&rsquos shoes to an extent. But surely it need not be this way

Your travel should be as amazing and stress-free as you imagined it would be. That&rsquos why MakeMyTrip&rsquos super flexible and smart booking options ensure things remain smooth despite any pesky disruptions or unconfirmed plans. When you book your trip with MakeMyTrip&rsquos special features and exciting offers, you can be rest assured that whatever comes your way, MakeMyTrip will make sure #JoHogaWowHoga. So, without further ado, here are the tailor-made, fantabulous travel products and offers for you to take advantage of

Lock kiya jaaye

Admit it. Flight price hikes can literally throw your budgeted travel plans off track. But why cut down on our planned travel due to high travel fares or packed calendars

With MakeMyTrip&rsquos FlightPrice Lock feature, travellers can now find their flight booking experience easy and stress-free. Price Lock gives you the power to stay clear of commitments, helping you reserve a seat that you may end up needing Essentially, it allows you to lock fares for one, two or even seven days in advance at a minimal fee that gets adjusted to the ticket price. You can now freely schedule your flights without the fear of subsequent rise in fares. This feature provides leeway to travellers who need time to weigh in varied parameters before confirming their flights.

It&rsquos MakeMyTrip&rsquos Guarantee

No one likes being on a waitlist. That too when your crucial travel plans depend on seat confirmations that don&rsquot materialize at the last moment But with MakeMyTrip&rsquos Trip Guarantee feature, your waitlisted booking will not vanish in thin air even if it remains unconfirmed. Amid evolving travel guidelines and uncertain times, this feature stabilises your journey and protects you from any unplanned inconveniences. Here&rsquos what Trip Guarantee does for you. The feature allows travellers to discover and book last-minute alternate travel and financing options for flight, cab or bus tickets in case the train ticket remains unconfirmed after chart preparation. By opting for the feature, train bookers can seek a guaranteed 3X value back against the unconfirmed ticket, and upgrade and substitute to a fresh booking through flight, cab, bus or an alternate train journey for a future date. A classic example of &ldquowhen one door closes, several others open up&rdquo

Manage Trips Like a Boss

Say you&rsquore done and dusted with your trip and are back home after having a refreshing time. What if you need the hotel invoices to get a company reimbursement Also, if you&rsquove asked for last-minute cancellations, where do you check for refunds or confirmations

The My Trips section on the MakeMyTrip app and website is the perfect gateway to check out all the info you need on your past or upcoming trips. From check-in, check-out details to refund requests and invoices, this neat, easy-to-use section gives you a centralized view and control of all your travel-related data.

&nbspJust log in to our app or website, click on the My Trips tab and there you go It&rsquos that simple

To Brighter Days

The festive season embodies happiness, togetherness, and prosperity. With leisure travel on the rise, customers are looking to make the most of their family or &ldquome&rdquo time. And with MakeMyTrip&rsquos Assured Travel offerings, travellers can get so much more than they ask for Not just more options, we know you also need the flexibility in case of a change of agenda. Our 100% refund plans remain active even if you cancel your plan at the last minute.

So, when are you planning your dream escape With 50,000 options to choose from, MakeMyTrip is ready to truly WOW you

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