Here's How To Go About Planning A Perfect Caravan Trip In India

If you're planning to hit the road, we've made a foolproof guide to help you make it a smooth journey
Caravan Tourism takes the soul-enriching experience of a road trip to a whole new level.
Caravan Tourism takes the soul-enriching experience of a road trip to a whole new level.
If you think road trips are fun, this new trend catching every adventure seeker's attention is here to change that. Caravan Tourism takes the soul-enriching experience of a road trip to a whole new level. Unlike a road trip, where you set out to reach a destination, the journey is the destination itself on a caravan trip.
You're always on the go from the first day of your journey till the last. The concept may seem daunting, especially if you've never been on an extended road trip before, but don't worry We've compiled a handy list of things to do before you hit the road 

Plan Your Itinerary 

Before you get behind the wheel, decide where you want to go and your route. Fortunately, in India, there are several that offer charming vistas en route. While you're choosing your course, make sure to check if the connectivity is smooth and road-trip-friendly. These are some trails in India that are worth exploring on wheels

&nbspBangalore to Hampi 

Gokarna to Kabini 

Kolkata to Shillong 

Hyderabad to Vizag 

Manali to Leh 

Find The Right Ride 

Travelling in a caravan sounds exciting, but it can also get hectic if you've not got a suitable vehicle. Choosing your ride is perhaps the most critical decision to make while planning a caravan trip, as it will be your home for as long as your travel lasts. 

Luckily, Caravan Tourism's increasing popularity has given birth to many agencies that specialise in helping you plan such a sojourn. They also go beyond just providing the vehicle, and offer extra services, like a guide or a driver. However, considering factors like built-in amenities and utilities, size, budget, and tow capacity is essential when choosing your van 

Plan Your Pitstops

An essential part of any long-haul road trip is to plan where you can catch a break. Being behind the wheel every minute is nearly impossible and not recommended. It is crucial to get ample rest, so plan your pit stops early on while choosing the route. Many of these routes also have caravan parks and camping sites where you can catch up on some much-needed sleep. The best way to find out about these would be to ask the travelling agency you're renting your Caravan from, as they can also make arrangements in advance. 

Carry Your Necessities 

Caravan trips are adventurous, and a part of that is because it forces you to make the most of very little. But it's always a good idea to stay prepared and stocked up with necessities, as it can come in handy when you least expect it. Here is a list of things you must not forget to put in your bag before you take on

First-aid Kit 

Sleeping bags, foldable chairs, utensils, tent 

Non-perishable and ready-to-eat food like cup noodles, chips, biscuits, etc. 

Extra batteries, torch, and adapters 

A map (in case there's low or no connectivity and GPS doesn't work)

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