Have You Tried Bungee Jumping In Goa

The adrenaline rush and the feeling of triumph at the end make taking the leap worthwhile
Representative image As you take the plunge, adrenaline kicks in, and with the free fall
Representative image As you take the plunge, adrenaline kicks in, and with the free fall

According to many veteran bungee jumpers, the first time is more about overcoming your fear before &nbsptaking the jump than the jump itself. So if you are in Goa, and keen to test your adventure quotient, head to the Jumpin Heights facility in Bicholim which has reopened after receiving approval from the state&rsquos ministry of tourism.

Started in collaboration with Goa Tourism Board, the facility is Jumpin Heights&rsquo second endeavour in the country the first being their bungee jumping facility in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand). The jumping platform in north Goa is perched at 55 metre (nearly 181 feet) overlooking the Mayem Lake and its surrounding greenery.

As you take the plunge, adrenaline kicks in, and with the free fall (with rubber cords tied to your ankles), you feel liberated of your fears. The participant swings like a pendulum in mid-air a few times before being gently lowered to the ground. To ensure an entirely safe experience, the process is very tightly regulated, with various harnesses and checks, according to the company.

Founded by Rahul Nigam (a former Indian Army officer), Jumpin Heights has won recognition from the Union Tourism Ministry of India. The organisations said it implements the same standard safety regulations which are followed in Australia and New Zealand. Both countries are known for their extreme adventure sports. The organisation has a well-trained and professional team from New Zealand. The organization assures safety by hiring services of technically qualified extreme adventure sports experts with years of experience of operating these sports in New Zealand and Switzerland. Jump platforms have been designed by a team from New Zealand and technically qualified and experienced Jump Masters.

Owing to the pandemic situation, the company is also cautious about implementing all necessary protocols. Said Nigam, &ldquoPeople need to be masked and abide by state and company protocols. We follow all safety measures at our end and hope to instill a sense of confidence among our jumpers. Our staff are double vaccinated and we conduct mandatory temperature and oximeter checks for anyone entering our premises.&rdquo

They abide by all government regulations, including installation of anti-COVID preventive equipment in the premises, medical waste disposal mechanisms, sticker markings for social distancing, only two chairs per table with a transparent acrylic sheet between the two occupants, etc.

Jumpin Heights operates India&rsquos highest bungee jumping fixed platform in Rishikesh. The platform is at a height of 83 metre (around 272 feet) over the Huel River, a mountain river which drains into the Ganga.

Bungee jumping is an extreme sport and therefore you have to be physically and mentally fit to participate. Check for age bars, medical conditions, etc.

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