The Bamboo Trail Of Meghalaya

On this trek, you have to navigate bamboo bridges that hang precariously over mountain ridges, deep gorges, and rivers
The trek takes you over rolling hills and rivers
The trek takes you over rolling hills and rivers

One of the most spectacular and scariest treks in India is the Mawryngkhang Trek of Meghalaya. It is also known as the Bamboo Trail as the route takes you through bamboo bridges hanging precariously over mountain ridges, deep gorges, and rivers. 

The route starts from a small hamlet in the East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya and ends at the&nbspMawryngkhang rock in Wahkhen village in Pynursla tehsil. Also known as the "King of Stones", this is the largest standalone rock in Meghalaya.

It is a short trek, taking around four to five hours. Sometimes heavy rain damages the bamboo bridges, and they are closed for some months for repair work every year.

The Route

Your trek begins from Wakhen village, located 42 km from Shillong, at an altitude of approximately 2,900 feet. The route (around 3.5km) is through the East Khasi Hills, and ends at the top of U Mawryngkhang. 

The trek is often termed as "scary" as it goes over steep slopes, rocks and narrow bamboo bridges which are suspended hundreds of feet above the ground.

What makes it worthwhile are the stunning views of rolling hills and valleys from the top. The Wahrew River flows below the bridges in some parts.

Keep It Green And Clean

To keep the route free of trash, there are some strict rules put in place by the Tourism Promoters Trekking Society, Wahkhen. &ldquoDo not throw plastics, bottles and non-degradable materials indiscriminately along the route to Mawryngkhang. All tourists should maintain themselves with discipline and respect nature while co-operating with the society so as to make this spot even more attractive in coming years,&rdquo said a notification from the society.

Music to Your Ears

Wahkhen has a music school where they teach traditional music of the region. Do check out the fascinating array of musical instrument of different types. And the structure of the building resembles a traditional Khasi hut.

Getting There

Wahkhen is approximately 48 kms away from Shillong. 

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