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Nap in the unknown under the shelter of the star-studded skies at these prime trekking locations
The beautiful town of Nainital from Naina Peak
The beautiful town of Nainital from Naina Peak

Rugged mountains, dense forests, breathtaking views, tickling rivers- it is no surprise thus that India's diverse geography makes it a land of opportunity for adventure buffs. With adventure sports like paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, and trekking gaining immense popularity, the routes and mountains untouched thus far are becoming a reality. The idea to go out and explore the unknown has caught the intrigue of many thrill seekers. Night trekking provides this exact rush of adrenaline. The silence of the wilderness, gazing at the glimmering night sky while the cold breeze rustles your hair has made night treks more desirable. The delight that runs through your veins after completing an arduous trek against the odds and the stunning view that lays in front of you are some of the gifts of trekking. Here is a list of night treks that you can venture off to satisfy your craving for adventure. 

Dhortey Tonglu Trek, Darjeeling

A stunning sunrise is on offer when you take on this trek. An opportunity to witness the first streaks of the sun paint the night sky is an enchanting prospect. Located a couple of hours drive from Darjeeling, Dhortey is an unmissable trek. A word of caution, remember to start your ascend by 230-3.00 AM if you wish to catch the sunrise as any later would mean you risk missing it completely.

Duration 6 hours

Difficulty Level Easy 

Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek, Bangalore 

Blessed by the mesmerizing moonlight, the Ranganathaswamy Betta trek offers a sublime view from the top of the Savandurga range and Cauvery River. Famous for the mystical Ranganaswamy Temple located here the trek can take upto 6 hours hence make sure you're well prepared. Pack lightly but be sure to carry lots of water. This night trek under the star-studded night sky through the hushed wilderness of BR Hills is an alluring experience. Start a campfire and share stories or play games to make your day out a more memorable one.

Duration 6 hours

Difficulty Level Moderate

Lahesh Cave Trek, McLeodganj

This 3-day long trek is definitely not for the faint hearted. A 10 KM journey to Triund from McLeodganj comprises of the first leg of the trip. A heartwarming sunrise at Triund offers the perfect motivation to start your trek to the Lahesh Caves taking upto 5 hours. While there is an option to rest up in Triund during the night, many choose to continue trekking with the guidance of stars. though the picturesque view is a true delight of this trek, it's the fresh air which seals the deal providing optimism to the weary travelers.  

Duration 2-3 days

Difficulty Level Moderate 

Naina Peak/China Peak Trek, Nainital

When you think of Nainital, it's the essence of nature which run through your thoughts. From the transparent lakes to the gorgeous backdrop of the Himalayan mountains, there are very places like this Uttarakhand town. Naina Peak, about 6 KMs from the town, is a much loved tourist destination. The highest peak around the area, the Bird's Eye view on offer of Nainital, the HImalayas, and the vast expanse of Kumaon region is mind-blowing. 

Duration 6-7 hours

Difficulty Level Moderate 

Tholung Monastery Trek, Gangtok 

One of the treks which happens to be demanding. A slightly different trek to the others, this adventure trip is one blessed with culture. At the end of your journey you'll come across the Tholung Monastery containing rare and valuable scriptures from the 17th-19th century. A bus trip from Gangtok will bring you to Linzey from where Tholung is a 20-KM walk taking 5-6 hours one way. Dense forests, cardamom groves and thundering Tholung River provide for perfect accomplices on this difficult endeavor. 

Duration 11 hours

Difficulty Level Moderate to Hard 

Harishchandragad Trek, Maharashtra 

A topic of gossip among trekkers, the Harishchandragad trek is one of the most challenging around India. Located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, the trek begins in the night leading through a variety of landscapes. You'll encounter everything from open plains to dense vegetation to patches of water on this thrilling ride. Rest up in the caves and temples before the sunrise so you can catch one of the views of your lifetime. 

Duration 8 hours

Difficulty Level Hard

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