All About The Bhrigu Lake Trek

Go along on a 3-day Himalayan trekking adventure starting from Manali with lush scenery and beautiful vistas to accompany you
According to locals, the sage Bhrigu used to meditate near the lake
According to locals, the sage Bhrigu used to meditate near the lake

Bhrigu Lake Trek is a trek to a sacred lake situated at an altitude of 4,300 metres in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The oval-shaped lake lies near Rohtang Pass in Manali and was named after a sage named Bhrigu. According to locals, the sage Bhrigu meditated near the lake, so the lake became sacred. The trek begins from a point called Chaudda Morh (40th turn), which is around 20 km from Manali. The three-day-trek trek passes through virgin forests, large meadows, and mountain ridges, and finally, one gets to see the lake.


The itinerary for the Bhrigu Lake Trek includes going to Rola Kholi. From here, you&rsquoll move on to the snowy village of Gulaba. This trail passes through lush, green meadows and virgin forests. These open into the campsite of Rola Kholi, which is beautiful. Rola Kohli is situated at the base of the lake and is the Advance Base Camp of the trek. Night camping here provides a fantastic experience. It is a heavenly destination for photographers as the night sky lights up with thousands of stars. Nature enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy this peaceful view.

Tourism at Bhrigu Lake is blossoming due to the scenic images. While trekking on the trail, you&rsquoll witness Seven Sisters peaks and Hanuman Tibba. Along with this, the Deo Tibba can also be seen. You&rsquoll also get to travel uphill to the lake. An interesting fact about the Bhrigu Lake is that the oval-shaped lake is said to change colours with new seasons and can sometimes be found frozen. However, locals believe that due to the lake&rsquos sacred nature, it never freezes completely. The view of the environment around the lake is a sight for sore eyes. The cherry on top is that due to the height, it&rsquoll feel as if the clouds are floating around you.

Who can Participate

  • First-timers can apply previous trekking experience is more appreciated.
  • The climber must be fit and have sufficient stamina to cover 4 km of distance in 35 minutes without stress.
  • The climber should be able to carry a 10-12 kg backpack.

Best Time to Visit

It&rsquos recommended to visit from mid-May to October. However, the ideal time would be before June or after July. This is because June and July tend to be the monsoon months thus, landslides and other calamities are much more likely to occur. The weather of Bhrigu Lake Trek is much more pleasant and workable without these landslides.

How to Reach

Bhuntar Airport at Kullu is the nearest airport if you prefer to travel by air. Flights from Delhi regularly fly to Kullu. From there, taxis and buses can be arranged to reach Manali. If you wish to travel by train, the nearest station to Manali is Chandigarh. From there, buses and taxis can be arranged once again. After this, a taxi will take you up to Gulaba and finally reach the starting point for Bhrigu Lake Trek. If these two options don&rsquot seem appealing, you can always make a road trip out of them. There are plenty of buses that go from Delhi to Manali. You can take a bus from Chandigarh as well. Once you reach Manali, you can carpool or hire a private taxi to reach Gulaba.

Difficulty Level

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is classified under &lsquoeasy-moderate difficulty&rsquo. One must train well because the trek can be quite demanding due to its high altitudes. If you plan on going for the trek, focus on strength and cardiovascular training.

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