Do You Dare To Visit These Ghost Towns

These are places ravaged by disasters, steeped in history, and destroyed by war
Ruins of the abandoned Pripyat city in Ukraine
Ruins of the abandoned Pripyat city in Ukraine

Nothing quite raises one's adrenaline like the silent streets and abandoned buildings of a deserted town. Be the creepy moors or the off-the-beat pathway, there is an intrigue attached to its ruins. While they remain frozen in time, each ghost town has its own unique story narrating its creation. From a once bustling Italian town to a diamond-rich city, and a place ravaged by disasters, here is a list of ghost towns around the world that are sure to give you&nbspgoosebumps.

Epecuen, Argentina

Remember the glamorous city of Atlantis in the movie Aquaman Well, this abandoned Argentinian city looks like an Atlantis that has resurfaced. A thriving town in the 20s with a population of 5,000, the story of its doom was written on the wall for decades. A spate of heavy rain over the 70s caused the nearby Lake Epecuen to swell and in 1985, it broke through the dam eventually drowning the town. It was only in 2009 that a period of drought of caused the water to recede exposing the once bustling town. 

Herculaneum, Italy 

Nearly 2000 years ago, Mount Vesuvius erupted burying the small but wealthy Roman seaside resort of Herculaneum&nbsphousing 5,000&nbspunder searing ash. While it was not known about not too long ago, archaeological excavations have uncovered some fascinating structures from the long bygone age. Houses with lavish use of marble cladding and ornate statues have been discovered. Preservation works are on-going with Herculaneum, which is possibly a major gateway into uncovering more about the past of the great Roman empire and lifestyle. 

Pripyat, Ukraine

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster left the world in utter tatters, especially the Ukranian town of Pripyat. Home to nearly 50,000 workers who were employed at the power plant, the area was evacuated when a part of Chernobyl went into meltdown. The locals left their non-essentials behind and it is in these items which tell you the story of the disaster. Drawing thousands after thousands each year, the once populated hospital, general stores, amusement parks, cinemas are left in ruins. Walk through the eerily empty halls of the houses here and sit in the abandoned classrooms of schools to capture the true essence of Pripyat. You can book your tour of this Chernobyl-affected town here

Kayakoy, Turkey

You might remember this town if you had watched Russell Crowe's 2014 venture, The Water Diviner. Kayakoy, abandoned almost a century ago as a result of the Greco-Turkish War, was populated with a large Greek population. On the culmination of the war, in a population exchange between the two nations, 6,000 Greeks were expelled from their homes. Elegant Greek-styled houses and churches are particular highlights of the place. Discover this Turkish town with a special tour.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

Housing to a close to 1300 workers who worked at a nearby diamond mine, this deserted town in located deep among the sand dunes of Namibia. Hospitals, ballrooms, casinos inspired by German-styled architecture stand erect in the town. Overrun by the desert, the houses are consumed by sand. Tourists can often walk through its houses knee-deep in sand. Find out more information&nbspabout this ghost town. 

Hashima Island, Japan

Not too far from Nagasaki, Hashima Island was the site of a coal mining facility until the early 1970s. Seen as Raoul Silva's lair during Skyfall, over 5,000 people once stayed here. The island was abandoned once petroleum replaced coal throughout the country. An integral part of Japan's Meji Revolution, the mines symbolise Japan's ride rise in the world as a superpower. You can go on a special tour of the location. Read up on some important facts to keep in mind when planning your trip here.

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