5 Unforgettable Treks In India For The Not-So-Faint-Hearted

Let your sense of adventure run free while you traverse across Himalaya ranges, taking in breathtaking sights that are sure to leave you awestruck
A picture of the Chadar Trek in Ladakh
A picture of the Chadar Trek in Ladakh

The unparalleled joy that comes from reaching the top of a peak after a long, arduous trek is truly something. Trekking has lately become one of the most sought out after experiences. In India itself, there are many such routes which bring unbridled happiness. While the Indian Himalayan ranges aren't in the same league as Nepal's, they still provide for an unforgettable experience. Spread across five states in northern India, they offer an exquisite mix of culture and adventure. A caution, though, for the potential trekkers is to pay careful attention to the difficulty and duration of the trek before venturing onto one. Also, look out for the altitude when considering which trek to go on to. 

Nanda Devi Trek

Situated at an imposing height of 7,816 meters, Nanda Devi is the highest peak in the Garhwal region of India. Passing through the enchanting Milam Valley, alpine meadows, and glaciated tracks, this mouth-watering trek takes more than 10 days. While the challenge is daunting, on the way to conquering the Nanda Devi, you will walk past the beautiful Himalayan fauna and flora so, remember to keenly observe that. 

Duration 10 days

Difficulty Moderately difficult

Best Season April-June & September-Early November

Valley of Flowers Trek

Another trek located in the heart of the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, the Valley of Flowers provides a sight like no other. Consisting of more species of flowers than your eyes can keep a count of, the location is surrounded by the Himalayas on all sides. At an altitude of 3,658 meters, the trek will take you past a serene lake, sacred to Hindus and Sikhs. The Himganga, which is believed to be the location where Govind Singh the tenth guru of Sikhism meditated, is also nearby. 

Duration 6 days

Difficulty Easy

Best time July to September

Stok Kangri Trek

Before you start climbing Stok Kangri, make sure to acclimatize to the weather of Ladakh. The trek, which starts from Stok Village, will take you through the barren landscape of Ladakh. On the way to conquering the 6,153 meter mountain, you are required to traverse through chilled water bodies and multiple bodies of glaciers. One of the most challenging trips in the country, the brittle cold is an obstacle that will add a gigantic hindrance to your ambitions.

Duration 9 days

Difficulty Difficult

Best time July to September

Goecha La Trek

Located an another world away from Ladakh in Sikkim lies the Goechala summit. A grand view of the mountains await you from the peak of Goechala. 15 summits including that of Kanchenjunga will all stand still in front of you. WHile on your trek, take time to stop by the Samiti Lake an capture the reflection of Mt. Pandim in the lake. The Rhododendron forests will be like a breathe of fresh air if you are trekking during Spring. 

Duration 10 days

Difficulty Difficult

Best time March to June & September to November

Shepherd Trail Trek / Gaddi Trek

Crossing the Dhauladhar mountain ranges, this trail starts from the outskirts of Manali. The highest peak on the range, Hanuman Ka Tibba, is located in close proximity to Dharamshala. Passing through numerous shepherd villages and cattle farms tucked at an high altitude, the trek also passes through the enigmatic Kangra Valley. The panoramic view of this enchanting valley is sure to leave you awestruck. Acclimatization is the most thing important in preparation for the trek due to its 4,800 meters altitude.

Duration 13 Days

Difficulty Difficult

Best time September - Early November

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