5 Destinations To Experience Snorkelling In India

Dive in and explore vibrant marine worlds at these destinations across India
5 Destinations To Experience Snorkelling In India
5 Destinations To Experience Snorkelling In India

Surrounded by a coastline across the east and west, India has several well-known destinations where you can go snorkelling. 

Grande Island, Goa
This small, rocky island is among the top locations in Goa for snorkelling. It is said that the marine species in the water here are better than any other islands. You can spot a wide variety of marine life, such as sea turtles, dolphins, lobsters, reef sharks, and more here. 
When to go October to May
Netrani Island, Karnataka
Off the coast of Murudeshwara, this island is sometimes also referred to as Pigeon Island. Netrani has an abundance of wild-grown trees and curvy rock beds which serve as a shelter tract for many species. The island&rsquos coral reefs and crystal-clear waters make it a heavenly stop. Netrani is widely recognised for its frequent sightings of turtles, humphead wrasse, barracudas, cobia, white and black tip sharks, stingrays, and stonefish, in addition to other varieties.
When to go October to February
Tarkarli, Malvan
Tarkarli Beach, on the Arabian Sea coast, is well-known for its white sands, and crystal-clear seas, making it a popular destination. This stunning picturesque beach encompasses undersea flora, and fauna like coral reefs, fishes, sea plants, dolphins, and other wonders that can be explored through snorkeling. Venture into the exciting water sport to live the thrill and get a spellbinding view of these water species.
When to go October to March
Andaman & Nicobar
Some of the world's best coral ecosystems can be found along the coast of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.&nbspMany of the islands here are surrounded by reef fringes, with lagoons separating them from the shore. The coastal area is also abundant in marine flora and fauna, which can be seen while snorkelling off the islands. The sea off the coast of Havelock is rich in coral and marine life and offers a wide range of snorkelling opportunities. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the most easily accessible snorkelling and diving spots in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
When to go October to early May. Very wet during the monsoon (mid-May to September)
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