These Stunning Calendars For 2024 Showcase India In Many Ways

From vintage enamel signages and the melting pot that makes up our culture to the stunning landscapes of India, these fabulous finds should be on your must-have list
Each calendar features different themes
Each calendar features different themesShutterstock

Yes, we know that this is 2024 and people have smartphones, apps, etc, to keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly agendas and plans. However, many people still swear by calendars IRL, and not on screens. If you fall into that category, we have curated this list of themed calendars for 2024 which showcase India in different ways. From vintage enamel signages and the melting pot that makes up our culture to the stunning landscapes we all want to explore, these fabulous finds should be on your must-have list.

Vintage Enamel Signages

The Jadunath Bhavan Museum and Resource Centre (JBMRC) in Kolkata publishes an annual calendar based on its archival collections. This year, it honours antiquarian and collector Parimal Ray who is well-known for his exceptional collection of popular ephemera from early and mid-twentieth-century Calcutta, which includes matchbox covers, cigarette cards, street signboards, Bengali cinema posters, lobby cards, booklets, and theatrical posters. The calendar exhibits enamel signboards which came to be widely used in the early 20th century. Grab a copy to experience the innovatively created and calligraphed enamel signs of those days. It is a 10 x 10” wall calendar and the price is INR 400 + INR 100 postage within India. Order via the QR code or the UPI id: CSSSC.JBMRC@iob. Or order by filling out this form:

Check here for details.

Vintage enamel signages featured in the calendar
Vintage enamel signages featured in the calendarJadunath Bhavan Museum and Resource Centre/Facebook

The Melting Pot

Kolkata has India's only Chinatown. The lanes of Terreti Bazaar are dotted with old Chinese clubs and temples such as Gee Hing and Toong On built in 1924. There are several Chinese grocery stores selling spices, tea, noodles, and dried mushrooms. The community has been highlighted in this beautiful illustrated calendar. Kolkata has always been a melting pot of cultures. Different communities like Chinese, Biharis, Marwaris, Anglo-Indians, among others, have come to the city and made it their home over the years. Their cultures, foods, and languages mixed with the local Bengaliness and evolved into a unique multi-cultural tapestry. This calendar is a love letter to those communities. The desktop calendar comes at INR 199. Order it here.

The section on Kolkata's Chinese community
The section on Kolkata's Chinese communityThe Charbax Store

India's Natural Landscapes

Every year, the World Wildlife Fund, WWF, brings out several calendars and planners focused on different themes. This year, we suggest you pick up their wall calendar. Each page is a journey through India’s diverse landscapes. Let it be a motivation to discover new places, and travel responsibly. It includes ‘green days’ of the year, days dedicated to environmental causes. The calendar is also a spacious monthly planner made with eco-friendly, FSC certified, recycled paper. It comes in reusable, damage-proof sustainable packaging. The price is INR 300. A desk version is also available. Check here for details.

The Daily Life Of Indians

Well-known illustrator Alicia Souza is known for her quirky illustrations. Every year, she brings out calendars and planners based on themes. This year, it is the Endearing India Desk Calendar which was born out of love for this beautiful country. Each month has illustrations that depict the adorable-ness in the daily life of people living in India. These are things that you see everyday and forget that they’re kind of adorable. The desk calendar, priced at INR 899, comes with tear-away illustrated postcards. More details here.

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