Souvenirs To Take Back Home From Zurich, Switzerland

Whether it's the elegance of cowbells, the sweetness of Swiss chocolates, or the precision of a watch, any souvenir you buy from Zurich tells a story and becomes a tangible remembrance of your visit
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Bringing a little bit of Zurich's charm home is a delightful way to treasure the memories of this Swiss city. Zurich provides a wide range of unique and culturally diverse souvenirs that perfectly capture the timeless elegance and appeal of the Alps. It offers souvenirs that blend luxury and sophistication, such as exquisite Swiss chocolates that melt in your mouth and finely made watches that are symbols of craftsmanship and precision.

1. Swiss Knife 

Chances are a lot of you have heard about Swiss Army knives and may have even had a real or fake one at some time in your life. They are all over Zurich and come in all possible sizes, even in little ones that are used as keychains. These make wonderful presents for dads, brothers, and boyfriends.

There are two brands out there: Victorinox and Wenger. Which one is the actual Swiss Army knife inventor? Since the government hired both of these businesses in an effort to treat them fairly, they are both technically innovators.

Where to buy: Victorinox Flagship Store Zurich

Address: Rennweg 58, 8001 Zurich

2. Cuckoo Clock

One must-have classic Swiss souvenir is the "cuckoo clock," which looks great hanging on your wall. Although the clock's origins are said to be in Germany, the Swiss influence gives the piece a touch more elegance and vitality. The clock is handcrafted with its unique Swiss culture and plays beautiful music as it strikes the hour.

Given that clocks differ in terms of both price and quality, you can get the ideal clock piece based on your preferences.

Where to buy: Teddy Souvenir Shop

Address: Limmatquai 34, 8001 Zurich

3. Chocolates


There are plenty of Tobleronedt and Lindt lindors in souvenir stores, but if you're looking for the ultimate chocolate pleasure, get a hand-picked selection box from one of Zurich's best chocolatiers. Some establishments are well-known for their special products, but others are time-honoured and include Confiserie Honold, Sprüngli, and Max Chocolatier. Go to Teuscher and pick up some Dom Perignon Champagne truffles, or go to Läderach and enjoy the fresh chocolate slabs filled with fruits and nuts called FrischSchoggi.

Where to buy: Teuscher

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 46, 8001 Zurich

4. Handmade Wooden Toys

These handcrafted wooden toys are the ideal present for youngsters if you're looking for something special. These classic, handcrafted wooden toys are still in demand today, whether they are found in a child's toy box or in the mountain forests of Switzerland. There's a large assortment, from trains and aeroplanes to different animal wooden toys with the white Swiss cross. These well-liked Zurich purchases are reasonably priced and will fit into your budget.

Where to Buy: Franz Carl Webber Toy Store

Address: Bahnhofpl. 9, 8001 Zurich

5. Swiss Watch

If you have the budget, this is a "must." A lot of them cost thousands of dollars. Watch and clockmaking have developed into a craft that is recognised as a trade in Switzerland. They produce some of the world's best. If purchasing a high-end watch is out of your price range, think about getting a "Swatch," which is a less expensive model. Because they are of the best quality, Swiss watches are expensive; bear that in mind as you shop.

Where to Buy: Turler

Address: Fraumünsterstrasse 17 Zürich

6. Cowbells


Dairy cows roam freely throughout expansive hilly terrain in Alpine meadows, hidden from the farmer's eyes. Using the distinctive sounds made by each bell, farmers can use the cowbells to find their lost animals. Beyond their utilitarian applications, Swiss cowbells have a rich cultural history. One of Switzerland's most recognisable and evocative images is the rich, resonant sound of cowbells ringing across an Alpine meadow. They thus play a significant role in Swiss craftsmanship and cultural legacy.

Where to Buy: Teddy's Souvenir Shop

Address: Limmatquai 34, 8001 Zurich

7. Mondaine Railway Clocks

You can clearly see that trains in Switzerland are always on schedule, demonstrating their reputation for timeliness. The central Mondaine clocks, which have a sleek appearance and are located in each Swiss railway federal station, are frequently noticed by foreign visitors. This clock was created in 1940 by Swiss engineer Hans Hilfiker, whose simple, elegant design made it stand out from the others. This clock is a unique souvenir from Switzerland that ought to be hung on the wall for those who are often late!

Where to Buy: Mondaine Schweiz

Address: Limmatquai 140, 8001, Zürich

8. Getting there

Direct flights are available to Zurich, Switzerland, from Mumbai and New Delhi. The largest airport in the nation, handling the majority of foreign flights, is located in Zurich. Zurich Airport, which is about 10 kilometres from the city core, has good air and rail connectivity to other regions of the nation.

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