Souvenirs To Collect In Uttar Pradesh: A Shopping Trail

Preserving memories is essential, and souvenirs are a great way to do so. If you're in Uttar Pradesh, don't forget to pick up these must-have mementos
A souvenir shop
A souvenir shopShutterstock

Uttar Pradesh is a region with a rich history and numerous ancient towns. The area is known for its vibrant culture and abundance of medieval and ancient monuments. It is also famous for its cultural souvenirs, which travellers can find in local and antique shops. In Lucknow, visitors can find chikan embroidery, while Varanasi is the place to go for Banarasi sarees. Moradabad is renowned for its brass and metalwares, while Kannauj is famous for its perfumes and "attar." In Lucknow, visitors should not miss the zardozi embroidery, which was renowned during the era of Nawabs. Other notable souvenirs include bangles in Firozabad, woodwork in Saharanpur, and marble works in Agra. These souvenirs capture the essence of the region's cultural identity and history and serve as a delightful reminder of the places visited. Exploring the shopping trail is a great way to discover these treasures and create lasting memories of the trip.


Perfumery in Kannauj
Perfumery in KannaujShutterstock

Kannauj, derived from the classical name "Kanyakubja," is a city 123 km west of Lucknow. It is an old city that has also been mentioned in ancient texts like the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The place boasts of Mughal architecture, various temples, and other attractions. The place is famous for perfumes. It has shops with "attar" (a traditional perfume) where the rose aroma is specifically popular. Travellers in Kannauj can buy bottles of "attar," sandalwood oil, and packets of organic incense sticks. It produces the best rose water in India.

Check out Tirupati Perfumer on Ajay Pal Road, Kannauj, and Meena Perfumery on Farsh Road, Kannauj.

Bangles from Firozabad
Bangles from FirozabadShutterstock

Firozabad is a city near Agra that is known for its glass industry that produces colourful bangles and other glasswares. Visitors of Firozabad can explore the lanes dedicated to bangles in every colour, material, and size.

Firozabad Glass Emporium in Katra Pathanan, Firozabad, and Gupta Glass House on Tiraha, Agra Road, Firozabad are some shops where you can find these bangles.


Carpet of Bhadohi
Carpet of BhadohiWikimedia Commons

Bhadohi is 45 km west of Varanasi. It is famous for the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, established by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, in 2001—the only institute of its kind in Asia,. The place is popular for its prosperous industry of hand-knotted carpets. It is seen as 'the' carpet- weaving hub in South Asia. Travellers in Bhadohi can buy carpets of all shapes and sizes, patterns and designs, and for a variety of purposes from shops like Bhadohi Carpets on Main Road, Bhadohi, and Carpets and Floor Covering shop on Azimullah Chauraha, Bhadohi.


Brass products of Moradabad
Brass products of MoradabadShutterstock

Situated on the banks of the Ramganga River, Moradabad is just 167 km from Delhi. The governor of Katehar under the Mughal emperor Shahjahan founded the place and named it after Murad Baksh, the emperor's son. Moradabad is famous as the "Brass City" due to its brass work by skilled artisans. Brass works are exported to countries like the USA, Britain, Canada, Germany and Middle East Asia. Travellers can buy various items such as musical instruments, decorative items, and unique locks here.

Get your brass wares from Brass Handicrafts Manufacturers & Exporters on Makhaniya Masjid Wali Gali, Deputy Ganj, Moradabad, and Anand Industries Brass Handicrafts on Chauraha Gali, Moradabad.


Ceramics from Khurja
Ceramics from KhurjaWikimedia Commons

Khurja, also known as "The Ceramics City," is located in Bulandhshahr district, just 85 km from Delhi. It is popular for its pottery industry which dates back to the 14th-century. The city saw its foundation by some Timur army men who decided to stay back. They were potters who brought the art of red clay pottery, blue glaze and on red clay articles with a white engobe, painted floral designs with cupric oxide, and other crafts with them. The place has preserved its tradition; today, over 500 factories produce ceramic works. Travellers in Khurja can buy various attractive ceramic goods that will function in utility and as a memento of the place.

Check out DNF Ceramics: Manufacturer of Flower Pots & Planters on Munda Khera Road, Khurja, and Krishna Ceramics, Old GT Road, Khurja.

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