Put An Eco-friendly Foot Forward With These Sustainable Travel Products

Celebrate World Environment Day by taking the first step towards a sustainable lifestyle with these eco-friendly travel products
Move to a sustainable lifestyle with these ecofriendly travel goods
Move to a sustainable lifestyle with these ecofriendly travel goods

While moving towards a sustainable lifestyle is a challenge at first, it is absolutely worth it. Environmental degradation is one of the biggest challenges we have had to encounter, and it is with small steps that we can chart a more secure way into the future. Thankfully, it is not very difficult to find sustainably made eco-friendly travel products in the market, with a plethora of businesses moving towards a more conscious way of living and travelling. On your next travel shopping spree, get your hands on these travel goods for you and your loved ones. 

Bamboo Toiletries Reflekt Sustainables 

Unlike most cleaning products that simply add to the piling waste in landfills, bamboo products help you make the shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle without pinching your pockets. Head to Reflekt Sustainables for their ForeverHandle Bamboo toothbrush that is designed to last a lifetime with aluminium handles and replaceable bamboo heads. Also, shop for travel hand soap sheets and a very unique bamboo bath towel made with 89% bamboo and 20% cotton, when you&rsquore here. 

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Travel bags and totes Brown Living

Run by a team of &lsquoearth advocates&rsquo, Brown Living curates thoughtful, sustainable and elegant products, allowing consumers to shop consciously, guilt-free and with the least damage to the environment. When you travel, opt for their upcycled and patchworked denim bag. The material for this bag comes from at least 10-12 different pairs of post-consumer jeans, and post-industrial denim. Their flagship canvas Rolltop backpack, perfectly named after the endangered species Pangolin, is free of plastic, and is animal cruelty-free and vegan.  

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Recycled Shoes Neeman

It is sure hard to see the world in a pair of bad shoes. If you&rsquore a regular explorer and want a better way to move towards sustainability, look to Neeman for recycled shoes. ReLive Knits by Neeman are &lsquoIndia&rsquos first sneaker made with 100 per cent recycled PET bottles&rsquo. This footwear also features bamboo insoles, castor bean oil as well as natural and recycled rubber. They also sell Tree Sneakers, made from sustainably grown trees the heel and insole are lined with bamboo fabric & recycled rubber for extra softness, maximum cushioning and padded support.

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Biodegradable Garbage Bags Beco

We all know travel generates a lot of waste, and the bottles and wrappers scattered on every hill destination are witnesses to the disaster left by travellers in their wake. If you&rsquore someone who wants to make unravelling worldly mysteries more sustainable, Beco&rsquos100% eco-friendly and plastic-free offerings are your simplest green-travel starters. Made from cornstarch, their garbage bags are completely plastic-free and sturdy for wet and dry waste both. Also pick their bamboo kitchen towels, which are perforated, tear-off sheets that can be washed and reused up to 100 times before discarding and are a must-have on any camping getaway.

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